The Day Missions Reading Room at the Divinity Library

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Two Hundred Years of Tracts
Current Exhibit: Two Hundred Years of Tracts

The exhibit begins with 19th century tracts published in Connecticut and China and concludes with controversial tracts written and illustrated in comic book format from the Jack T. Chick Tract Collection. Tracts were produced in many languages and addressed issues ranging from personal salvation to temperance, anti-Catholicism, and evolution.

Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

The library now has online access to the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR) a comprehensive guide to the background, origins, and development of the canonical texts of the Bible. EBR also documents the history of the Bible’s interpretation and reception across the centuries, not only in Judaism and Christianity, but also in literature, visual art, music, film, and dance, as well as in Islam and other religious traditions.