China missionary

The Yale Divinity Library is world-renowned for its Day Missions Collection, documenting the missionary movement and world Christianity.  This photo of a missionary riding along a rice paddy comes from the papers of Rolland and Lottie Welch, who served in Hunan, China from 1917 to 1923.

In Focus

Corpus Augustinianum Gissense (CAG)

The library now has online access to the Corpus Augustinianum Gissense (CAG), a database of the writings in Latin of Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430. The texts have been compiled from the best print editions, using critical editions whenever possible. Every morpheme occurring in a text is lemmatized and searchable. This corpus, consisting of over five million words, is of immense value to scholars of classical literature, philosophy, theology and biblical studies. The CAG-online also provides access to a bibliographic database of primary and secondary literature comprising more than 33,000 records.

Two Hundred Years of Tracts
Current Exhibit: Two Hundred Years of Tracts

The exhibit begins with 19th century tracts published in Connecticut and China and concludes with controversial tracts written and illustrated in comic book format from the Jack T. Chick Tract Collection. Tracts were produced in many languages and addressed issues ranging from personal salvation to temperance, anti-Catholicism, and evolution.