"The Song of Songs": An exhibition talk by artists Robin Price and Barbara Benish

Detail of original drawing by Barbara Benish for The Song of Songs
November 3, 2015

In conjunction with the new exhibition, "“How right they are to adore you!”: The Song of Songs Interpreted Through Fine Printing", the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library is presenting a talk by artists Robin Price and Barbara Benish. They will speak about their ten-year collaboration on a forthcoming (2016) edition of "The Song of Songs". Price and Benish previously collaborated on "The Book of Revelation" (R. Price, 1995). This new edition will feature Benish’s images interspersed with English and Hebrew text on eight scrolls (one for each chapter of The Song of Songs and each one several feet long). Price and Benish will discuss their ideas for approaching this sacred text, the selection of an English translation, their visual research of historic and contemporary Judaica, other influences on the imagery and structure, and more considerations in the making of this book art object.

The lecture is sponsored by the Yale University Library Bibliographical Press. Join us after the talk to print your own keepsake on an Albion hand press. Questions? Contact Jae Rossman at

Image: detail of charcoal drawing by Barbara Benish for The Song of Songs (Robin Price, Publisher, 2016).

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