Haas Arts Library Patron Shelves

Patron shelves are located in the Paul Rudolph Reading Room on the Main Level across from the Current Periodicals section. Currently active Yale affiliated members may request an open shelf to hold Arts Library circulating materials either for the semester or academic year. Please complete the Patron Shelf Request Form online or visit the Main Desk to request a patron shelf. Each shelf is identified with a number label.

Patron Shelf Policies

  • Only circulating materials from the Haas Arts Library are permitted on patron shelves.
    The following materials may not be placed on the shelves:
    • Course Reserve items
    • Periodicals
    • Reference items 
    • Personal books and items
    • Materials from other Yale Libraries 
  • Shelf holders must check out items to their assigned patron shelf account and fill out a yellow shelf card for each item before placing items on the patron shelf.
  • Patrons may remove materials from their own or other patron shelves for regular check out to their library account. 
    Shelf holders will not be notified when materials are removed; however, materials will be charged back to the assigned shelf when returned. 
  • The yellow shelf card must remain in the book when any patron checks the item out of the library. If a patron wishes to take an item from their (or another patron’s) assigned shelf out of the library, the item must be checked out to their personal library account. Provided the yellow shelf card is present when the book is returned, it will then be charged back to the original patron shelf.
  • All items are removed from shelves at the end of the term or academic year when the patron shelf account expires.
    To continue using the shelf, patrons must submit the online form to renew their shelf before the end of spring semester.
  • Patrons are asked to keep shelves neat and place books upright to prevent damage to the library's materials. Bookends are available on each shelf. 
  • Please do not place sticky notes in library materials placed on the shelves. Sticky notes left in books will be removed.

For more information regarding patron shelves, contact the Haas Arts Library by email at arts.library@yale.edu or call 203-432-2645.

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Monday, June 10, 2024 - 8:51am