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[Detail of slipcase textile], Negative Entropy (2015) by Mika Tajima. Image copyright Mika Tajima. Used with permission.

April 9–August 6, 2018

Text and textile are linked far beyond their shared linguistic origin in the Latin verb texere, meaning to weave. Both are situated at intersections of the material and the cultural. Craft, content, and context determine their use values and multiple meanings over time. A multitude of technologies and techniques of the hand and the machine give structure to words as well as fibers. Such verbal and visual transformations may appear on the surface of the thing itself or lie beneath the assembly of interlocking, overlapping, or contrasting elements.

Awards Ceremony and Reception for the 2018 Lohmann & Van Sinderen Prizes

Winners of the 2018 Lohmann & Van Sinderen Prizes for Excellence in Undergraduate Printing and Design were announced at an April 27 awards ceremony in the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library. The entries this year included a diverse range of pieces made for personal, academic, and extracurricular purposes. All of this year’s participants are to be congratulated for the quality, craft, and creativity of their work.