Policies and Processes for Ordering Media Materials

Cataloging Module

  1.  Search title in Voyager for potential duplication.

  • By title or by ISBN.
  • If a dup is found, return request to selector with bib # information.

  2.  If no duplication, search OCLC for a representative bibliographic record.

  •   If found, XPO appropriate record into Voyager.

  3.  Retrieve imported record.

  • Save to database and write down bib #.

  4.  Create MFHD.

  • Add 852 field with appropriate location and "On Order."
  • Save to database.

  5.  If no record is found in OCLC, create provisional record.

  • Use appropriate template for the different media.

  6.  Go to Acquisitions module.

Acquisitions Module
  1. Create new purchase order.
  2. Fill in Header information.
  3. Save.
  4. Bring in line item by bib number.
  5. Complete Quick line-item details box.
  6. Enter any unique information concerning order in the notes field.
  7. Example: CD-ROM accompanying volume.
  8. Appropriate notes should be added to Header note field if it is a single-line item order.
  9. If multi-line item order, add note to line-item tab box note field.
  10. IMPORTANT: Imperative to also add note in requester field in the Quick Line-Item details box for Receivers. This note should read SEE NOTE. Receivers do not check any note field unless they see this message in the pop-up box.
  11. Complete and approve Purchase Order.