Cataloging @Yale

Cataloging Procedures for Audiovisual, CD-ROM, and Related Media


These guidelines are for non-print media received as stand-alone items or as material accompanying monographs or serials and should be applied to CD-ROMs, sound CDs, DVDs, VHS videocassettes, sound cassettes and floppy disks. Microforms are excluded.

Most media coming into SML Catalog and Metadata Services should arrive with a plastic case that will house the item. In the curatorial units, the staff should follow the guidelines for receiving media described on the Acquisitions page before cataloging the item. The item’s original case and any accompanying material (user’s guides, booklets, etc.) will also be included. After cataloging, all media will be sent to Preparations along with any accompanying material that will be retained with the items. Specific types of media will require additional processing before being sent to preparations.

In addition, notify selectors if a decision by the cataloger affects an item’s circulation policy (determined by the item type). For example, if it is necessary to change the format of the bibliographic record (e.g., the item arrives as a book with accompanying media, but should be cataloged as media with the book as accompanying material), or if it is necessary to create a separate bibliographic record for the media (e.g., book and media arrive as related material on one bib record, but are in fact individually issued items, and media should be cataloged separately).

Note on reference materials: Media should not go to the Starr Main Reference Room. Media accompanying print reference materials should come from Acquisitions attached to a separate MFHD with a location of sml and the item record should have an item type of media. The print portion should be on a separate MFHD with a location of smlref (item type in that item record should be reference). If accompanying media is discovered in reference materials in CMS when cataloging, separate the media and follow the above procedures and send the media portion to the stacks. Stand alone media should not be flagged for the reference collection. If stand alone media arrives in CMS flagged for the reference collection, consult your supervisor.

See the Media Item Types and Statistical Categories page for the full list of item types and statistical categories.

Effective Date: 
February 11, 2014