Updating Existing NARs

Updating NARs in OCLC

Update an NAR in OCLC if making national-level changes, including: 

  • changing fixed fields, headings, and cross references
  • adding new 4XX, 5XX, 667, 670, and 675 fields
  • adding new optional fields

Do not apply the LCRI 22.17 option to add death dates to existing personal name headings with open birth dates as a matter of course. Add the death date only under these circumstances: 

  • the heading is needed in current cataloging, the death date is readily available
  • the heading is being updated for another reason and the death date is readily available
  • the death date is needed to resolve a conflict with another heading
  • a patron has requested the addition of the death date to the heading
  • a staff member has requested the addition of the death date because the person represented by the heading has strong associations with Yale or the greater New Haven area (e.g. a well-known faculty member, community leader, or local author) or the person is the primary subject of a locally-sponsored event 

Reminder: adding the death date will require the updating of any name-title authority records associated with the name and the correction of headings in Voyager of bibliographic records (the "Names" index will let you find all instances of the heading, whether used as a name or a subject heading).  

Updating NARs in Voyager

Update an NAR in Voyager if making local changes, including:  

  • adding classification numbers in 090 fields (optional practice)
  • recording local notes in 690 fields (optional practice)  

090 Fields: LC Classification Numbers 

Optional practice: You may add an 090 field to the NAR in Voyager to record an LC class number for a literary author if the number cannot be recorded in an 053 field in OCLC. Preface the classification number with the appropriate Yale location if applicable.


Before After
053   0 PS3558.A4636 053   0 PS3558.A4636
        090     PZ7.S6795 <for juvenile lit.>
Before After
053   0 PS3503.E4488 053   0 PS3503.E4488
  090     BEIN: Zab B4173

690 Fields: Local Notes (update in ORBIS)

Optional practice: You may add a 690 field to an NAR in Voyager to record a local note relating to the heading. 

Document originally created by the Authority Control Advisory Committee; revised and maintained by the Authorities & Identities Advisory Group.

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