Practicum (pt. 4)

Answers To Exercises

Subfield ‡v is not always found at the end

1. Title: A Hindi-English dictionary
650 0 Hindi language ‡v Dictionaries ‡x English.

2. Title: Theological German : a reader
650 0 German language ‡v Readers ‡x Theology.

3. Title: American first editions : bibliographic check lists of the works of one hundred and five American authors
650 0 American literature ‡v Bibliography ‡x First editions.

One subfield ‡v is not always enough

4. Title: A biographical dictionary of architects in Maine
650 0 Architects ‡z Maine ‡v Biography ‡v Dictionaries.

5. Title: A mapp of ye improved part of Pensilvania in America, divided into countyes, townships, and lotts
651 0 Pennsylvania ‡v Maps ‡v Early works to 1800.

6. Title: Report of vital statistics for Ohio [issued annually]
651 0 Ohio ‡v Statistics, Vital ‡v Periodicals.

Subdivisions that look like subfield ‡v (but aren't)

7. Title: Compendium of endangered species laws
650 0 Endangered species ‡x Law and legislation.

8. Title: Boxing with shadows : travels in China
651 0 China ‡x Description and travel.

9. Title: A history of army aviation, 1950-1962
610 10 United States. ‡b Army ‡x Aviation ‡x History.

Subdivisions that don't look like subfield ‡v (but are)

10. Title: Proceedings of the ERIC Conference on Special Education
650 0 Special education ‡v Congresses.

11. Title: 10 tours of Boston and Cambridge
651 0 Boston (Mass.) ‡v Tours.

12. Title: Shakespeare : an exhibition of books about Shakespeare belonging to the Lehigh University Library
610 20 Lehigh University. ‡b Library ‡v Exhibitions.

Long and confusing headings

13. Title: Index to U.S. legal periodicals [note: issued quarterly]
650 0 Law ‡z United States ‡x Periodicals ‡v Indexes ‡v Periodicals.

14. Title: Union catalog of civil war almanacs
651 0 United States ‡x History ‡y Civil War, 1861-1865 ‡x Almanacs ‡v Bibliography ‡v Union lists.