Cataloging CD-ROMs and Other Direct Access Electronic Resources: Copy Cataloging Checklist

To: Technical Services Staff

From: Steven Arakawa for CCC/CPDC

Date: (03/15/06 issue date/ 03/15/2006 2:02 PM revision date)


This document applies to direct access electronic resource cataloged with reference to RDA. Direct access resources have a physical carrier that can be described (a disc, a cassette, or a cartridge) that is inserted into a computer device (e.g. a workstation CD-ROM drive) or a peripheral attached to the computer device. Some examples of direct access electronic resources include: CD-ROMs, photo CDs, DVD-ROMs, floppy discs, memory sticks, & computer tape cassettes, reels, etc. The primary focus of this document will be on CD-ROMs.

CAUTION: DO NOT use these guidelines for video (e.g. DVDs) or sound recordings (e.g. audio CDs) For YUL guidelines on video refer to: Searching, Selecting, and Verifying Video Cataloging Copy for Preliminary and Cataloged Records