Variable Data Fields: 4XX-6XX

4XX Series (490/830)

Required. Must be transcribed exactly as it appears on the source per 490 field, including capitalization and punctuation or apply Appendix A (old AACR2 capitalization), whichever is already in the record. Search Authority File for authorized form of series title heading, record the authorized form in 830 field.

Notes Related to Manifestation Attributes (Title-Edition-Series)

500 Sources of title note


500     ‡a Title from disc label.
500     ‡a Title from container insert.

Carrier & Summary Notes

516 Digital File Characteristics

Required under RDA for direct access electronic resources.


516     ‡a Electronic data (2 files : 800, 1250 records) and programs (3 files : 7260, 3490, 5076 bytes).
516     ‡a ISO 9660 format.

538 System Detail

Required if applicable.


538     ‡a System requirements for the Mac: Internet Explorer, version 5 (or later) or Netscape version 4.79 (or later); Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 (or later); 800 x 600 pixels screen resolution; 16-bit color (65,000 colors); 64 MB RAM; MAC OS 8.1 (or later), or OS X operating system.
538     ‡a System requirements for Windows: 486, Celeron, Pentium, or faster processor; Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, or later.
538     ‡a System requirements for Macintosh: Mac OS 6.07 or later.

520 Summary, etc.

Retain if it is already in the record. Do not add one.


520     ‡a Contains demographic, economic, and governmental data from both the federal government and private agencies, presented for the purpose of multi-area comparisons or single area profiles. Current estimates and benchmark census results are included.
520     ‡a Collection of Indonesian tax laws and regulations.

Other notes

Retain if they are in the record and relevance to the item in hand.

6XX Subject Headings

Required. If the record lacks subject headings, forward to Catalog Librarians.

Depend on the nature of the work, the subdivision "‡v Database" may be assigned to the record.