Metadata Strategy and Policy Steering Committee (MSPSC)

Reports To: Library Executive Committee

Committee Charge:

  • Oversee maintenance of current policies and documentation of lasting value, and create schedule for regular reviews and updates
  • Provide strategic direction for metadata practices throughout the Yale Library.
  • In support of wider Library objectives, solicit and receive proposals for service enhancements as well as new initiatives. 
  • Nominate members of metadata advisory groups 
  • Establish common templates and directory structures for metadata policy communication; establish norms on use of tools such as Zoom, Slack, O365
  • Ensure that policies, project updates, new initiatives, etc. are provided to the Web Documentarian for public posting
  • Distribute agendas and minutes


  Chair: Daniel Lovins, as Director of Resource Discovery Services (RDS), ex officio

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly or as needed.

Member Selection Method: Ex officio, as chairs of subsidiary working and advisory groups, with 2 rotating members.

Term of Service: 2 years, renewable