Variable Fields 5xx, AAP, MFHD (e-Monographs)

5XX - Notes

Give notes to

  • Provide information not contained in the body of the entry to justify an access point in the bibliographic record;
  • Provide other information related to the content of the resource;
  • Provide information about relationships to other resources.

Order of Notes

For original cataloging, RDA does not have a set order for notes; arrange notes in order of importance (based on cataloger judgment). Enter local notes last. Follow the AACR2 prescribed order of notes if preferred.

500  - Source of Title Note

Under RDA, the relevant instructions are under 2.20.2 [to be re-numbered to 2.17.2] and (for online resources) The 2014 BSR instruction is to use 500 for the source of title note.

RDA a. [to be re-numbered in RDA to 2.17.2 later in 2014]: the source of the title proper is mandatory unless the source is an image of the title page or pages (i.e., if the title is from a PDF image of the title page, a note is not necessary). There is an option to eliminate the note for non-image sources if there is only one source and no title variations, but the LC-PCC PS does not allow for the option. Notes for the source of variant, earlier or later titles may be made but are not mandatory.

RDA RDA (last paragraph): "For online resources make a separate note indicating the date the resource was viewed." The 2014 BSR uses 588 (basis for description) as the tag for recording the date viewed. The BSR implies that the source of title and date viewed notes be kept together, but many systems sorting by MARC tag may separate them in the public displays.


500     ‡a Title from PDF cover page.  <image of the cover is not an image of the title page, so a note is made>
588     ‡a Viewed on January 13, 2014.

Example (from RDA

500     ‡a Former subtitle (viewed on August 11, 1998): An online guide for amphibians in the United States and Canada. 

Under AACR2 9.7B3, 9.7B22 source and view date were usually combined in a single note.

Use the term home page for the first, opening, or entry page of a website consisting of multiple individual web pages.

245 0 0 ‡a Encyclopedia of Chicago  / ‡c edited by James R. Grossman, Ann Durkin Keating, Janice L. Reiff ; cartographic editor, Michael P. Conzen.
500     ‡a Title from home page.
588     ‡a Viewed on May 11, 2005.

Use table of contents page for a page that lists the contents of a resource.

100 1   ‡a Breazeal, Cynthia L., ‡e author.
245 1 0 ‡a Designing sociable robots  / ‡c Cynthia L. Breazeal.
500     ‡a Title from table of contents page.
588     ‡a Viewed September 2, 2005.

Use the term HTML header for the content of the title tag in the HTML header (<head><title> ... <title><head>), which displays in the browser title bar.

245 0 2 ‡a A Yale book of numbers : ‡b historical statistics of the college and university, 1976-2000 / ‡c edited by Beverly Waters.
500     ‡a Title from HTML header.
588     ‡a Viewed on August 10, 2006.

See also OLAC's Source of Title Note for Internet Resources for more information. CAUTION: it has not yet been revised to account for RDA.

500/550 - Statements of Responsibility, Issuing Bodies, and Publishers Note

Under our local core guidelines, notes on statements of responsibility, issuing bodies, and publishers not recorded elsewhere in the description are not required. If notes are made, use the 550 field for information on issuing bodies; otherwise, use the 500 field. See 7XX - Added Entries for instructions on creating added entries for name headings.

245 0 0 ‡a Deaf people in Hitler's Europe  / ‡c Donna F. Ryan and John S. Schuchman, editors.
500     ‡a "Published in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum."

[516 - Type of Computer File Note]

Per the new PCC guidelines, generally do not make a Type of Computer File note unless the e-monograph has unusual properties.

530 - Other Formats Note

To show availability in other formats, BSR practice is to use field 776. Since the resource being cataloged is, under these guidelines, either born-digital or lacks a derivable bibliographic record for the print version, this should not be an issue. See the Copy Cataloging/Variant Edition documentation for linking examples.

590 - Access Restrictions Note & Local Access Note

Do not make the local access note for resources that are open access.

For licensed resources, indicate restrictions on access in a 590 field.

Per the new PCC guidelines, 506 Access restricted by licensing agreement is no longer made. However, if instructed to make a restrictions on access note for non-licensing situations, enter the note in 506. In that case, do not export the record to OCLC. [This situation should be unusual.]

245 1 0 ‡a Designing sociable robots  / ‡c Cynthia L. Breazeal.
590     ‡a Access is available to the Yale community.


Per the PCC guidelines, the following notes formerly used in e-book cataloging are now obsolete:

500/540. Notes about the e-book provider(s).

506 [Access restricted by licensing agreement]

516 [Type of computer files, e.g. Images, text.] Use field 347 for PDF.

530 Also available in print version.

533. Reproduction note.

538. Mode of access: World Wide Web.

540. Terms of use.

583. Action note.

856 - Electronic Location and Access

Create an 856 field to provide access to the resource. Code the first indicator 4 to specify that the access method is HTTP. Code the second indicator 0 (zero) to specify that the URL provides direct access to the resource described in the body of the record. Enter Online book in subfield y for the link text. In subfield u, copy and paste the URL as it appears on the screen. If the URL changes from session to session, copy the link location by moving the cursor above the link text, right-clicking on the mouse, and selecting copy link location. If the publisher provides a URL for bookmarking or linking, use that. After saving the record, switch to the OPAC and test the link.

When upgrading a record in OCLC, leave any 856 field links to other vendors as is in the master record, but leave them out of the IR. If a record imported from OCLC is updated in Orbis staff mode, delete any 856s that do not link to the YUL vendor resource; records batch-exported from Orbis will not affect any of the 856 links in the OCLC master record.

In the PN environment, the 506 (restricted by licensing agreement) is left out since the limitations are now well-known by users.

Example (edited for RDA; compare with OPAC record):

040     ‡a MaCbMITP ‡b eng ‡e rda ‡e pn ‡c MaCbMITP ‡d CtY
100 1   ‡a Breazeal, Cynthia L., ‡e author.
245 1 0 ‡a Designing sociable robots  / ‡c Cynthia L. Breazeal.
264   1 ‡a Cambridge, Mass. : ‡b MIT Press, ‡c [2002]
264     ‡c ©2002 <optional>
300     ‡a 1 online resource (281 pages)
336     ‡a text ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a computer ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a online resource ‡2 rdacarrier
490 1   ‡a Intelligent robots and autonomous agents
500     ‡a Title from table of contents page.
588     ‡a Viewed September 2, 2005.
590     ‡a Access is available to the Yale community.
830   0 ‡a Intelligent robots and autonomous agents.
856 4 0 ‡y Online book ‡u http://...

Access Points

6XX - Subjects

Do not assign a heading for the form of a resource, e.g., Electronic information resources, as a topical subject heading unless the resource is about the form.

The use of the 655 field to bring out form aspects of electronic resources is obsolete.

Do not assign form subdivisions, e.g., --Electronic information resources, merely to indicate that a resource is online.

Do not assign the subdivision --Databases under subjects for remote access electronic resources that are essentially textual in nature, even if they are searchable (SCM H 1520). This restriction applies to online resources that have the structure of and present themselves as reference-type works, e.g., directories, bibliographies, catalogs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.

1XX, 7XX - Authorized Access Points for Creators and Contributors


Make an added entry for a prominently named corporate body, unless it functions solely as a publisher, distributor [provider], or manufacturer (formerly AACR2 21.30E1 & PCC guidelines).  See 500/550 - Statements of Responsibility, Issuing Bodies, and Publishers Note.

245 0 0 ‡a Deaf people in Hitler's Europe / ‡c Donna F. Ryan and John S. Schuchman, editors.
264   1 ‡a Washington, D.C. : ‡b Gallaudet University Press, ‡c 2002.
500     ‡a "Published in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum."
710 2   ‡a United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, ‡e issuing body.

Relationship Designators

Always make a relationship designator for creators (creators are persons, families, or corporate bodies having primary responsibility for the intellectual and/or artistic content of the resource. Note the conditions under which corporate, government bodies and religious officials are considered to be primary creators under RDA  Relationship designators should be limited to authorized terms from RDA Appendix I.

Relationship designators for contributors (editors, illustrators, commentators, issuing and host bodies) are optional but assign them if the function is unambiguous and a proper term is available from the Appendix. When a work is published "in association with" a corporate body, the 710 is usually assigned the relationship designator issuing body.

Keep in mind the distinction between contributors to works vs. contributors to expressions, since this may affect the choice of term.

Example (060 [NLM classification], 336-338 left out for reasons of space)

040     ‡a NLM ‡b eng ‡e rda ‡c NLM
042     ‡a pcc
245 0 0 ‡a From DNA to beer : ‡b harnessing nature in medicine & industry / ‡c NIH, U.S. National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine ; this exhibition was developed and produced by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health and the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History ; [online exhibit prepared by] Patricia Tuohy [and 12 others].
246 1   ‡a Harnessing nature in medicine & industry
264   1 ‡a Bethesda, MD : ‡b U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Health & Human Services, ‡c 07 November 2013.
300     ‡a 1 online resource : ‡b illustrations, portraits.
500     ‡a Title from HTML header.
588     ‡a Description based on version viewed: Dec. 17, 2013.
700 1   ‡a Tuohy, Patricia, ‡e author.
710 2   ‡a National Library of Medicine (U.S.). ‡b History of Medicine Division, ‡e author, ‡e host institution.
710 2   ‡a National Museum of American History (U.S.), ‡e sponsoring body.
710 2   ‡a National Library of Medicine (U.S.), ‡e author, ‡e issuing body.
856 4 0 ‡y Online book ‡u http:// ...

Linking Entries

The BSR says to use 776 rather than 530 to show the relationship of the online resource to the print version if a record for the print version exists, but that should not be the case for born-digital records. If a print resource is known to exist but lacks a bibliographic record, a 776 can be added by the cataloger who later creates a bibliographic record for the print resource.


In the MFHD, create an 852 field with first indicator 8 and second indicator 0 (zero). Enter the location code yulintx for Yale Internet Resource in subfield b; bibliographic records for this location are exported to OCLC after MARS processing. In some rare cases, if the decision is not to export to OCLC, use yulint.  Do not provide a call number in subfield h; simply enter None. Add Online resource as a public note in subfield z.

852 8 0 ‡b yulintx ‡h None ‡z Online resource


Upon completion of cataloging, close the holdings record. Export the bibliographic record to MARS by clicking Send in the ExportQ window with the bibliographic record open.

If there special copyright restrictions on the e-version, do not export to OCLC, i.e., use yulint. See 590 note field above.