035 Field: Delete, Retain, or Add


This document summarizes treatment of 035s in ORBIS records.

  • At the point of exporting a bibliographic record newly cataloged in Orbis to MARS/Backstage, the cataloged record should have a 035 for a matching OCLC master record if the record was exported from WorldCat. Exceptions:
    • the OCLC record was used as source copy for a variant edition
    • the OCLC record was created by a non-English language cataloging agency
  • If the record was cataloged directly in Connexion (i.e., non-roman cataloging), then prior to the MARS export from Orbis, the record should have the 035 with the master record number.
  • Records originally created in Notis will also have a 035 in the $9 that should be retained if the record is updated in Orbis


I. Cataloging in Orbis: Connexion Imports

Set the Export Option fields in Connexion to strip 035 from the bibliographic record following the guidelines in Connexion: Setting Export Options

When the options are set, all 035s in the Connexion record will be stripped upon export. Note that whenever a record is created or updated [in Connexion], the Connexion software creates a 035 with the OCLC control number, but this number is not needed in Voyager and in some cases will cause Voyager to generate an error message.

After a record is exported to ORBIS, Voyager automatically generates a 035 with a prefix ocm (for 8 digit numbers) or ocn (for 9 digit numbers):

035 __ ‡a (OCoLC)ocm69983298
035 __ ‡a (OCoLC)ocn148290923

Voyager will generate the 035 from the Master Record ID number. Use the 035 as a match point to replace the in-process record.

After the record has overlaid, determine whether to retain or delete the 035

  • If the 035 was generated from the Master Record ID retain it in the Orbis record
  • If the 035 represents a record for a non-English language cataloging agency, delete it


Retain ORBIS 1/Notis ID numbers when updating records

035     ‡9 FNY2749YL

Delete Yale RLIN ID numbers when updating records. 

All 035's from the source copy must be deleted when doing variant edition cataloging (if the record being modified has a 035 for the ORBIS 1/NOTIS ID number, that number should be retained).

After you have imported a new record into ORBIS from OCLC, and the record matches the copy being processed, only the OCLC 035 should remain in the record.

  • 035 followed by an OCLC record id number (OCoLC)ocm (or ocn)

All other 035's should be deleted.

  • Do Not Add local 035 fields unless noted as an EXCEPTION below.

    EXCEPTION: Search strings that link from finding aids to the associated catalog records:

    035     ‡9 (YUL)ead.beinecke.wkent
    035     ‡9 (YUL)ead.beinecke.prycejon

    EXCEPTION: HVT numbers used by the Fortunoff Video Archive:

    035     ‡a HVT-123

    EXCEPTION: Microfilm numbers for records created by Manuscripts and Archives:

    035     ‡a Film HM 1

Special 035 instructions for Beinecke Rare Book records created by Retro-Link. These records may be identified by the 035 beginning with (UPRA) and should only be updated by Rare Book staff.

Once the record has been cleaned up, remove 035's beginning "(UPRA)tmpXXX ..." or "(UPRA)rdbXXX ...", but NOT the 035 beginning "(UPRA)CTYXRL ...",  ....  Do not remove the 035's until you have cleaned up the record, as the presence or absence of an 035 is an obvious indication of whether the record has been cleaned up or not. 


Variable field deletion policy

Technical Bulletin 253: ISBN and OCLC Number Changes (Web)

Technical Bulletin 253: ISBN and OCLC Number Changes (PDF)

Originally issued: June 26, 2002

Effective Date: 
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
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Tuesday, December 15, 2020 - 8:34am