Changes That Do Not Involve Title Proper (RDA 1.6.2)

Major Changes That Do Not Involve the Title Proper

New record required!

  • Main entry (110) changes (RDA Change in responsibility for a serial. Formerly AACR2 21.3B1, i-ii)
  • Translated serial undergoes a change in original title (LC-PCC PS 1.6.2; formerly: LCRI [Library of Congress Rule Interpretations to AACR2] 21.3B)
  • Change in the corporate body used as a uniform title qualifier (RDA, c)); formerly  AACR2R 21.3B1, iii)
  • Change in media type (paper to microfiche; paper to online) (RDA; formerly LCRI 21.3B) [NEW]
    • LC-PCC PS If the media type varies within the serial, do not create a new record; just make a note
    • RDA exception for certain changes in carrier: if a direct access computer carrier changes to online, or (rarely) vice versa, create a new description <note that other changes in carrier do not warrant a new description>
  • Change in edition statement where the change indicates a change in subject matter or a change in physical medium (RDA; formerly LCRI 21.3B)

Minor Changes That Do Not Involve the Title Proper

No new record required!

Change in numbering (e.g., 1-3, then re-starts again at 1)

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