Marking Physical Items, Use of Caption in 852 of Analytic, Policy for Legacy Item records

Marking Physical Items

CHRON, transcribe the same data when marking the item. In example c. above, the t.p. verso of no. 99 would be marked:


Use of Caption in 852 of Analytic​

To be consistent with the change in procedure, include the caption in 852 $i before the volume number if a caption is used in the MFHD 866 of the cover record.

Cover record (monographic series):

852 0 1 ‡b ksl ‡h QC1 ‡A48 (LC)
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a no.647(2002)

Monographic series analytic record:

Note that chronological data recorded in parentheses in the cover record MFHD is not recorded in the 852 of the analytic.

ENUM <blank>

CHRON <blank>

Cover record (multipart monograph):

852 0 1 b sml h HB101.H39 ‚i A6 2001 (LC)
866 4 1 8 0 a Bd.5-Bd.6

Multipart monograph analytic 852:

852 0 0 b sml h HB101.H39 i A6 2001 Bd.5 (LC)

ENUM <blank>

For call numbers of analytics for classed together series (and also classed together analyzed multiparts), follow the new policy for including the caption before the volume number in 852 for all new analytics, whether the analytic is created for an existing or a new classed together set. Do not continue the legacy pattern (i.e. no caption when caption is in MFHD) for existing sets even though this may cause split files in staff and webpac displays. If the number of legacy call numbers is not large, update the legacy call numbers in Orbis 852 but do not re-label the items.

Policy for Legacy Item records​

  1. If data entered in Voyager ENUM and CHRON fields does not follow the new policy, follow the new policy on subsequent item records; do not continue the legacy pattern even though this may cause discrepancies in staff and webpac displays.
  2. It is not necessary to update item records created prior to the policy change unless the information is incorrect or inadequate
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