5. 371 Address

Sources: LC RDA Training Module 2 (Describing Persons); RDA 9.12, 11.9

Protocols and Policies

Trainer note on Slide 27: “Multiple addresses need to end up in separate fields, even if the subfields are repeatable.

NOTE: there is a difference between the 370 and the 371. The 370 (Associated place) is an association at the level of country, town, but not to the level of street name.

The 371 (address) is the specific address at which someone can receive mail.”

371: No indicators; repeatable.


‡a Address (R)
‡b City (NR)
‡c Intermediate jurisdiction (NR)
‡d Country (NR)
‡e Postal code (NR)
‡m Electronic mail address (R)
‡s Start period (NR)
‡t End period (NR)
‡u Uniform Resource Identifier (R)
‡v Source of information (R)
‡z Public note (R)
‡4 Relator code (R)

DCM Z1, 371:

Best practice: 

• Supply based on cataloger’s judgment, if the information is readily available and not already being recorded in field 370 subfield ‡e (Place of residence/headquarters).

• In cases where subfield ‡a is not recorded, include at a minimum subfield ‡m (Electronic mail address) or subfield ‡b (City).

• Do not record physical addresses for living people.

• Catalogers are not required to maintain address information when updating a record that contains an address.

BL Guide:

An address should convey more detailed information than just a place name; a place name alone should be recorded in 370.

Record elements smaller than the town/city in repeated ‡a:

110 2   National Coastwatch Institution (Great Britain)
371     National Office ‡a Unit 25 ‡a Basepoint Business Centre ‡a Yeoford Way ‡b Exeter ‡e EX2 8LB

e-mail address:

371     ‡m stimmins@doc.govt.nz

Address - Personal Names (MARC 21, 9.12)

  • Give a business address of a person, if it is in the public domain. Avoid giving private addresses of persons.

Address - Corporate Names (MARC 21, 11.9)

  • Generally, do not repeat the name of the corporate body as part of the address given in 371.
  • A jurisdiction does not have an address. Do not use this field for place names.

Address - Conference Names (MARC 21, 11.9)

  • Record the actual address where a conference was held only if it is readily ascertainable, and if it would be useful to record.
  • A conference may have an internet address.
  • Only use in a collective conference name authority record if applicable to the whole series.

From Trainer Notes to Exercises, Module 4, Slide 95

046     ‡s 1919 ‡v Masterworks from the Butler Institute of American Art, 2010
110 2   ‡a Butler Institute of American Art
368     ‡a Art museums ‡2 lcsh  OR  ‡a Museums ‡2 lcsh
370     ‡c United States ‡e Youngstown (Ohio)
371     ‡a 524 Wick Avenue ‡b Youngstown ‡c Ohio ‡d U.S. ‡e 44502 ‡m info@butlerart.com
372     ‡a Art, American ‡2 lcsh
670     ‡a Butler Institute of American Art webpage, viewed Feb. 2, 2013 ‡b (The Butler Institute of American Art; 524 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 44502; email: info@butlerart.com)