Electronic Resources

Direct Access Electronic Resources

  1. Cataloging CD-ROMs and Other Direct Access Electronic Resources: Original Cataloging
  2. Cataloging CD-ROMs and Ohter Direct Access Electronic Resources: Copy Cataloging Checklist
  3. SML/BASS Policies & Processes for Media

Remote Access Electronic Resources

  1. General Website Cataloging Policies & Procedures
  2. Cataloging E-Monographs: Born Digital
  3. Cataloging E-Monographs: Copy Cataloging & Variant Format Cataloging
  4. Cataloging E-Serials cheat sheet
  5. Cataloging Online Integrating Resources
  6. Linking Text Subfields in 856
  7. Maintenance & Cataloging Workflow Policies for e-Book Records Created by YUL  
  8. Cataloging E-Resources: Remote Access Record Customizations
  9. Standard Terms for 856 Link Text

Non-Yale r​e​sources: