Preliminary Records: Videos & DVD


Preliminary bibliographic records are created for materials that are (1) on order (2) recently received or (3) not yet represented in Orbis. Preliminary bibliographic records contain standard MARC fields with appropriate content designation and sufficient information to permit the determination of a bibliographic match manually or by machine processing.

The procedures described in this document are to be followed by all staff with responsibility for creating records in Orbis for materials that are in one of the above categories.

Part 1: General Procedures for All Preliminary Bibliographic Records
Search thoroughly before creating a preliminary bibliographic record. Search the databases in the following preferred order: Orbis, OCLC.

Search Orbis first to confirm that no record exists.

LC does not follow AACR2 rules for cataloging video; their records should not be used in copy cataloging. 

If a record is found in OCLC that can be used as a basis for a preliminary record, follow the instructions in Part 2 or in Part 3 as appropriate. (OCLC probably does not accept LC cataloging copy for video, but should LC cataloging be found, do not use it. Note that non-LC records coded pcc are following AACR2 and they are OK to use.)

If a record is not found in OCLC, create an Orbis record according to the procedures in Part 4. Enter the MFHD for all preliminary records according to the procedures in Part 6.