4.0 Disposal Procedures

Units withdrawing materials from the collection must exercise their fiduciary responsibility to the University. They should make every reasonable effort to recover the residual value of the materials while ensuring that staff investment in the disposal process is minimized and that the materials are removed from valuable shelf space with all deliberate speed.

4.1 Appropriate means of disposal include:

a. Exchange with or donation to other libraries or institutions.
b. Sale to legitimate book dealers.
c. Organized unit or library sale to the public.
d. Discard

  • For discards, follow unit-specific guidelines for physical disposal. If no specific disposal procedures exist, consult with the Associate University Librarian, Collection Development.
  • Library materials may be deposited in dumpsters only after being placed in sealed containers.

4.2 To avoid the appearance of conflict of interest, library staff shall not take possession of any discarded books.