Library Committees

ILS Metadata Advisory Group (MAGILS)

Reports To: Metadata Steering Committee (MSC)

Advisory Group Charge:

  • Maintain core metadata requirements for the library management system 

  • Oversee documentation and training to support use of bibliographic standards (including MARC, RDA, DCRM, etc.) 

  • Advise on system migrations 

  • Forward proposals and recommendations to MSC as needed


  • Chair (Jeanette Norris, 2021- )

  • Recording Secretary (open)

  • E-resources representative (Jennifer Bazeley, 2022- )

  • General collections cataloging representative (Dean Bergstrom, 2023- )

  • Metadata management expert (Yukari Sugiyama, 2023- )

  • Special collections cataloging representative (Agnieszka Rec, 2023- )

  • Liaison from MetaDigets (Yukari Sugiyama, 2023-)

  • Liaison from ILSAG (Steelsen Smith, 2023- )

  • Member-at-large (Cate Kellett, 2022- )

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly or as needed

Member Selection Method: Members are metadata or systems specialists with responsibility, interest, or expert knowledge in MARC, RDA, and other standards supporting structured metadata for Yale’s integrated library system.

Term of Service: 2 years, renewable

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