Digital Humanities Lab

On-Campus Workshops

Yale Digital Humanities Lab


DHLab - request a workshop

If there is something you would like to receive one-on-one or group training in at Yale, please contact the DHLab about possibly arranging a workshop.
Marx Library


Statistical Support Services - see available workshops

These workshops are offered by the Marx Science and Social Science Library. They offer workshops on statistical software, data, and research design.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - see available workshops

GIS workshops cover a range of spatial applications and services.


Digital Media Center for the Arts - see available workshops

The Digital Media Center for the Arts provides workshops centering on digital arts productions.


HackYale - see available workshops

HackYale provides student-run lectures in web development, introductory programming, and design. All classes and workshops are presented free-of-charge through partnerships with the Yale College Council and the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID).

Yale Float

Float - see available workshops

Float is an undergraduate organization created to help students learn to code and design. There is also a membership program that they've created for students who are interested in the Computer Science major.



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