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Yale Day of Data

September 15, 2016

Yale Day of Data 2016

December 1 and 2

The Center for Science and Social Science Information, the Yale Center for Research Computing, and the Yale Digital Humanities Lab are excited to announce the schedule for the upcoming Yale Day of Data. The theme for 2016 will be open data, open software, reproducibility initiatives, and replication.

On Thursday, December 1, we will have workshops, discussions with keynotes, and a poster session related to data and reproducibility. The poster session will highlight work by Yale students and researchers. Poster submissions are due by September 30.

Friday, December 2 will include presentations and lightning talks that focus on open data, open software, reproducibility initiatives, and replication, along with keynote speakers. Applications to give a talk are due by September 15.

Interested in giving a talk?

Undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff are invited to apply to present their work on December 2.

Presentations can focus on data produced or analyzed in any research discipline (sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, law, etc.) and can be data of any kind, including:

  • social, economic, behavioral, and political data
  • genomic data and sequencing data
  • health and healthcare data
  • geospatial data
  • textual data
  • visual data
  • environmental data and indicators
  • experimental and computational scientific data
  • and more

The two formats for presentations include:

  • Applied talk
    • Presenters give 20 minute presentations about their projects to a general audience, highlighting the themes of the day in relation to their work.
  • Lightning talk
    • Presenters give 5 minute overviews of a topic relevant to the theme, including discussion of projects, tools, methodologies, and more.

Applications are due September 15 and should be submitted via:


For updates

To stay up to date, please join the Yale Day of Data mailing list, where we release our updates first. Registration will also be announced first on the mailing list. See for more information or to join.

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