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Day of Data Posters

November 30, 2016

Yale Day of Data 2016 Poster Session and Opening Reception

December 1 from 4:00-6:00pm in the Center for Science and Social Science Information

Yale Day of Data is a two-day, University-wide event that will feature speakers from a number of disciplines across Yale. The theme for 2016 will be open data, open software, and reproducibility initiatives.

To kick off Yale Day of Data 2016, we will begin with an Opening Reception and Poster Session at the Center for Science and Social Science Information. No registration is required; all are invited to attend!

Posters include:

Safer Chemicals Design Diagrams

Longzhu Shen (Yale University), Fjodor Melnikov (Yale University), John Roethle (Yale University), Aditya Gudibanda (Yale University), Richard Judson (US EPA), Julie Zimmerman (Yale University), and Paul Anastas (Yale University)

Urban Environmental Performance Index: The Quito Pilot Case

Diego C. Manya (Yale University), Ryan Thomas (Yale University), and Matthew Moroney (Yale University)

Extracting Geography From Datasets in Social Sciences

Yuke Li (Yale University), Tianhao Wu (Yale University), Nicholas Marshall (Yale University), and Stefan Steinerberger (Yale University)

Closing the Water Budget in an Experimental Urban Watershed: A Comparative Assessment of Methods for Measuring Evapotranspiration

Leana M. Weissberg (Yale University), and Gaboury Benoit (Yale University)

Yale’s Environmental Performance Index: the Construction and Use of a Composite Index for Global Sustainability

Zach Wendling, FES (Yale University)

Penetrance Estimates for Incidental Genomic Findings in ACMG-56

James A. Diao (Yale University)

Need vs. Supply Analysis of the New Haven Public Bus System

Stan Mathis (Yale University)

Do Elephants Eat More Trees When Less Grass is Available? A Field Study in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Emily Goldberg (Yale University)

The Effect of Virtual Civic Engagement on Crime: SeeClickFix in New Haven

Daniel Spakowicz (Yale University), Carolyn J. Presley (Yale University), Dowin Boatright (Yale University), Mark Gerstein (Yale University), Ann Greene (Yale University), Marjorie Rosenthal (Yale University), and Andrew V. Papachristos (Yale University)

Machine Learning to Predict Pupillary Dynamics in Conscious Visual Perception

Jacob S. Prince (Yale University), Jackson Ding (Yale University), and Owen Morgan (St. John's College)

Data Collection and Analysis at the ATLAS Detector

Savannah Thais (Yale University)


The 2016 Yale Day of Data is sponsored by the Office of the Provost, Center for Science and Social Science Information, Yale Center for Research Computing, Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale Digital Humanities Laboratory, Yale Institute for Network Science, Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Sigma XI Distinguished Visitor Fund.


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