Computers, Scanners, Printers

Public Workstations

Computers are available near the Circulation Desk, in the Trowbridge Reference Room (second floor), and on the ground floor (near the stacks and in Special Collections). All computers run on Windows 10, are equipped with Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office desktop applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Endnote, and several other software applications. All public workstations print by default to BluePrint public printer located on the first floor (outside Room L107).

If you need access to a computer equipped with special software for persons with disabilities, please ask at the Circulation Desk, call (203) 432-5288, or email


You can print in black and white or color from a public workstation or your own laptop computer to a BluePrint/PaperCut printing cluster located on the first floor of the Library, outside Room L107 (two more printers are located in the YDS Computer Lab).

To log into your PaperCut user page, click here

If you do not have a Yale NetID, you may create a guest account

Other PaperCut printers are located in these libraries:

Your print jobs will remain available for release two (2) hours.

To release jobs from your IOS device, click here (must be connected to YaleSecure) (Please note: this link is intended for use with mobile devices only. If you need to release a print job from a Mac or PC, you should use the web print option that is available on your PaperCut user page.)

To Set-Up Printing to PaperCut on a personally-owned PC (Windows 7, 8)

To Set-Up Printing to PaperCut on a personally-owned Mac


  • BW = $ 0.10 per image for the 1st side and $ 0.02 per image for the 2nd side.
  • Color = $ 0.25 per image for each side.


Book scanners are located on the Library's first floor (one outside and one inside Room L-107) and in Special Collections (ground floor). All scanning is self-service and free of charge.


To photocopy or scan a document from a PaperCut/BluePrint cluster: (1) Wave your Yale Photo ID card in front of the sensor (or use the login/logout key on the control panel); (2) On the screen, select Use Device Function, then Copy or Scanner; (3) Press the START button; (4) Pay attention to the blinking message that says After scanning last original, press #; (5) When you are done copying or scanning, press the Other Function button on the left-hand side control panel, and Logout.

Library patrons who make use of photocopying facilities are expected to abide by the regulations of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). Any violations of the Copyright Law at self-service machines are the responsibility of the reader and are not the responsibility of the Yale Divinity School Library.

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