Day Missions Collection: Periodicals

The Divinity Library's Day Missions Collection holds a number of missionary periodicals that have been digitized with grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities (2012) and are now available through the Yale University Library's Digital Collections portal. Inclusive dates of the issues scanned are noted; not all issues of a periodical may be available.

African Tidings (Universities Mission to Central Africa) 1899-1907
All Nations (Advent Christian Church Woman's Home and Foreign Mission Society) 1898-1920
Arabia Calling (Reformed Church in America) 1892-1962
Catholic Directory of India, Pakistan, Burma, and Ceylon 1922-1932
Ceylon Church Missionary Gleaner (Church Missionary Society) 1906-1908
China Christian Educational Association Bulletin 1924-1936
China Medical Journal (Medical Missionary Association of China) 1908-1931
China Medical Missionary Journal (Bo yi hui) 1887-1908
China's Millions (China Inland Mission) 1879-1935
English Weekly (Ying-yu Chao-pau) 1919
Friends of Moslems (Society of Friends of the Moslems in China) 1927-1944
The Gospel on the Continent (Foreign Aid Society) 1913-1914
Harvest Field (National Christian Council of India) 1880-1921
Hearing and Doing (Africa Inland Mission) 1912-1916
Illustrated Africa 1896
Illustrated Christian World 1896-1898
Inhambane Christian Advocate (Methodist Episcopal Church. Inhambane Conference) 1911-1920
Indian Magazine and Review (National Indian Association in Aid of Social Progress and Education in India) 1891-1896
International Hospital News (St. Luke's International Medical Center of Tokyo) 1928-1935
Jaffna College Miscellany (American Ceylon Mission) 1909-1951
Liberia (American Colonization Society) 1892-1909
Light for the Line (South African Church Railway Mission) 1911-1925
The Lone Star (American and Canadian Baptist Telegu Missions) 1893-1894
Madras Christian Instructor and Missionary Record 1843-1847
Medical Missionary (Michigan Sanitarium and Benevolent Association) 1899-1914
Missionary Advocate (Methodist Episcopal Church) 1847-1876
Missionary Helper (Free Baptist Woman's Missionary Society) 1878-1915
National Christian Council Review (India) 1924
New Guinea Tidings / Kwato Mission Tidings (New Guinea Evangelization Society) 1923-1942
Ramabai Mukti Prayer Bell (Ramabai Mukti Mission, India) 1903-1964
Tidings from A.B.F.M. Society in Bengal-Orissa, India (American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. Bengal-Orissa Mission) 1921-1966
West China Missionary News (West China Missions Advisory Board) 1908-1943
Woman's Work in the Far East 1912-1921
Young Women of Japan /Joshi Seinenkai​ (National Committee o f Young Women’s Christian Associations of Japan) 1906-1922
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