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The Occasional Publications of the Yale Divinity Library are sponsored by The George Edward and Olivia Hotchkiss Day Associates and usually delivered during the annual meeting of the Yale-Edinburgh Group on the History of the Missionary Movement and World Christianity.

Occasional Publication No. 26 (2019)

To be Agents of a Life-Giving Transformation: Christian Higher Education in Africa with Response, delivered by Joel A. Carpenter and Andrew F. Walls on June 28, 2019

Occasional Publication No. 25 (2017)

Exiles in their Own Land: Japanese Protestant Mission History and Theory in Conversation with Practical Theology, delivered by Thomas John Hastings on June 30, 2017

Occasional Publication No. 24 (2015)

European and Indian Discoveries, Definitions and Portrayals of Indic Religions: A Case Study of 18th Century, delivered by Daniel Jeyaraj on June 26, 2015​

Occasional Publication No. 23 (2013)

"For the Healing of the Nations": Religious Visions, Subterranean Universes, and Cross-Cultural Encounters, delivered by J. Nelson Jennings on June 28, 2013

Occasional Publication No. 22 (2012)

The Other Side of the Jordan: Yale Divinity Library Ten-Year Reportby Paul F. Stuehrenberg

Occasional Publication No. 21 (2009)

From "the poor heathen" to "the glory and honour of all nations": Vocabularies of Race and Custom in Protestant Missions, 1844-1928, delivered by Brian Stanley on June 3, 2009

Occasional Publication No. 20 (2007)

Capturing the Image: African Missionary Photography as Enslavement and Liberationdelivered by T. Jack Thompson on June 29, 2007

Occasional Publication No. 19 (2005)

St. Patrick and Bernard Mizeki: Missionary Saints and the Creation of Christian Communities, delivered by Dana L. Robert on July 8, 2005

Occasional Publication No. 18 (2004)

In Search of Moslems in China: the Story of a Journey through Northwest China, April 30-July 2, 1936, by Claude L. Pickens, Jr., edited by Martha Smalley

Occasional Publication No. 17 (2003)

Not the Bloom but the Root: Conversion and its Consequences in Nineteenth-Century Protestant Missionary Discourse, delivered by Jonathan J. Bonk on July 4, 2003

Occasional Publication No. 16 (2002)

Mission Dilemmas : Bride Price, Minor Marriage, Concubinage, Infanticide, and Education of Women, delivered by Jessie G. Lutz on July 13, 2001

Occasional Publication No. 15 (2001)

Bulldozers on the Quad: Yale Divinity School Library's Ten Year Report, by Paul F. Stuehrenberg

Occasional Publication No. 14 (2000)

Ts'ai Yung-ch'un's Life and Work: Fully Chinese and Fully Christian, by Hugh Barbour

Occasional Publication No. 13 (1999)

Christian Mission and Islamic Studies: Beyond Antithesis, delivered by David A. Kerr in July 1999

Occasional Publication No. 12 (1998)

Robert Lowry Calhoun as Historian of Doctrine, delivered by George A. Lindbeck on May 29, 1998

Occasional Publication No. 11 (1998)

Glimpses of Canton: the Diary of Elijah C. Bridgman, 1834-1838, edited by Martha Lund Smalley

Occasional Publication No. 10 (1997)

The American Revolution and the Roots of Mission in Africa: An Essay on Antislavery and Antistructureby Lamin Sanneh

Occasional Publication No. 9 (1997)

American Missionary Eyewitnesses to the Nanking Massacre, 1937-1938edited by Martha Lund Smalley

Occasional Publication No. 8 (1996)

A History of the Expansion of Christianity Reconsidered: the Legacy of George E. Day, delivered by Andrew F. Walls on June 9, 1995

Occasional Publication No. 7 (1995, rev. 1998)

Guide to Archives and Manuscript Collections at the Yale Divinity School Library, compiled by Martha Lund Smalley

Occasional Publication No. 6 (1995)

Women's Role in the History of the World Student Christian Federation, 1895-1945by Johanna M. Selles. Commissioned to commemorate the centennial of the founding of the World Student Christian Federation, 1895-1945

Occasional Publication No. 5 (1994, rev. 2006)

Communications from the Field: Missionary Postcards from Africa, edited by Martha Lund Smalley. Text from an exhibit at the Yale Divinity Library, July 1 - October 15, 1994

Occasional Publication No. 4 (1993)

Eli Smith and the Arabic Bibleby Margaret R. Leavy

Occasional Publication No. 3 (1993)

The Legacy of John R. Mottby Martha Lund Smalley

Occasional Publication No. 2 (1993)

The Day Missions Library Centennial Volumeby Stephen L. Peterson, Paul F. Stuehrenberg, Martha Lund Smalley

Occasional Publication No. 1 (1994)

A Library Worthy of the School: a History of the Yale Divinity School Library Collections, by Paul F. Stuehrenberg. (Revised edition 1994)

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