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General Information about Reproductions

The Divinity Library will allow reproduction of collection materials, in compliance with donor stipulations and with the fair use clause of the United States copyright law, when such reproduction can be done without injury to individual items. Please note that the Library's provision of a reproduction does not imply an authorization to publish it. It is the researcher’s responsibility to obtain permission to publish texts and facsimiles from the owners of the copyright. Our policy prohibits reproduction of an entire collection. Copies made for or by researchers are for their own personal use and are not to be sold or to be deposited in another repository without the consent of the Yale Divinity Library.

Self-service Reproductions

Researchers are encouraged to do self-service scanning in the Special Collections Reading Room. The available scanners produce reference-quality or publication-quality scans in a variety of formats, including PDF, TIFF, JPG, and PNG. Portable scanners are not permitted.

Researchers are welcome to bring their own cameras (including smartphones) into the reading room in order to make their own photographic reproductions. Flash and tripods are not permitted.

Researchers may make scans from microform using the microform reader available in the reading room. Scans can be emailed or put on a flash drive directly from the reader.

Self-service reproductions are free. If desired, printouts can be made at the following rates:

Black and white: $0.10 first side / $0.02 second side
Color: $0.25 per image

Ordering Reproductions

If researchers are unable to make reproductions themselves (for reasons of time, distance, material type, or other restrictions), reproductions may be requested to be made by the staff of the Divinity Library or its contracted vendors.

Orders may be placed in person, by calling the Special Collections office at (203) 432-5301, by email to divinity.library@yale.edu, or by writing to Yale Divinity Library Special Collections, 409 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511.

Due to the volume of requests and staffing constraints, the reference staff can spend no more than one hour assisting patrons at a distance in identifying materials to be reproduced. There is an additional processing fee for remote requests, which covers staff time for identifying and retrieving the material. Patrons who submit reproduction requests requiring more than one hour of staff time will be asked to do the additional work in person or to hire a research assistant.

Because of staff limitations, we normally will not make more than 200 scans per researcher per year. Collections will not be reproduced in their entirety.

We accept inquiries concerning reproduction in microfilm, though we cannot routinely reproduce collection materials on microfilm because of the labor intensive and costly nature of the work.

For audiovisual materials that have not yet been digitized, researchers may request a digitized copy. Materials will be digitized by Yale-approved vendors, and pricing will depend on vendor schedules. Because materials usually must be sent off-site to the vendor, audiovisual materials may take weeks to be digitized. The researcher may be required to pay for the digitization.

Digital reproductions can be sent through Yale’s large-file transfer system, or mailed on a flash drive or CD. We will charge for postage for overseas, large, or rush orders.


Processing fee for remote requests   $10.00
Document scanning $0.25 / page
Microform scanning $0.25 / page
High-resolution versions of already-scanned images $5.00 / image
Image scanning $10.00 / image
Audiovisual digitization at cost; subject to vendor quote
Postage (for overseas, large, or rush orders)  at cost

Prepayment is required. We accept cash, checks, money orders, interdepartmental transfers, and Visa or Mastercard credit cards. All payments must be in U.S. dollars, and checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank. There is a dishonored check charge of $20.00 for any check returned by the bank. We assess shipping and handling charges where applicable; orders received in-person and mail orders from Connecticut will be charged the current rate for state sales tax.

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