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Read more about theĀ Adele Shepard Collection of Edwards and Dwight Family Papers, a new collection in the Divinity Library. Adele Shepard, a descendant of Edwards and Dwight families, gifted the collection to Yale in 2018 and it is now open for research. The papers focus primarily on the individuals in Shepard's line of descent, including Jonathan Edwards, his grandson Timothy Dwight (President of Yale College from 1795 to 1817), great-grandson William T. Dwight (1795-1865) and others.

Continuing the YDS bicentennial celebration, this exhibit in the Current Periodical area and Day Missions Room traces the development of the biblical studies faculty at YDS, including Timothy Dwight, Abraham Malherbe, Brevard Childs, and many others. The exhibit also documents Bible translation and revision activities at YDS, including records of the committee that produced the Revised Standard Version.