Omeka Online Exhibition Proposal

Once completed proposals are forwarded on to the Omeka Users Group for review and approval decisions.

Exhibit Curator/Project Lead
Exhibit Contributors
Exhibit Contributor 1
Omeka Expert User to Assist with Online Exhibition
Exhibition Information
Include overview of exhibition narrative, target audience, event & programing possibilities, and the desired outcomes/impact. Discuss the importance of this exhibition as it relates to the YUL’s collections and overall mission of the Library or University.
Please indicate whether or not you have discussed your exhibition plans with a representative of the collection(s).
Please consult the Omeka Online Exhibitions guide, particularly the Handbooks and FAQ:

By submitting a proposal, you agree to abide by the terms of the Online Exhibition policies laid out in the Omeka Online Exhibitions Guide:

What is required of an Omeka online exhibition curator?

  • Curators are responsible for contacting the Omeka Expert Users Group to request access to Omeka.
  • Curators will take full responsibility for creating the online exhibition, which includes:
    • Gather metadata for exhibition materials.
    • Gather and format images of exhibition materials.
    • Confirm fair use of each image using Fair Use Analysis Tool worksheet.
    • Prepare additional content such as narrative text and captions.
    • Plan the narrative sequence and layout for the exhibition.
    • Build the exhibition in Omeka using the above components.
    • The curator is responsible for addressing any issues that may arise regarding content or copyright.
    • Students may assist in exhibition creation at the curator's discretion. 

What does maintaining an Omeka online exhibition involve?

  • The Omeka online exhibition curator is responsible for reviewing their own exhibitions at least once every year, or following a major Omeka upgrade.
  • The Omeka Expert Users Group will notify all curators when a major Omeka upgrade occurs. 
  • Any problems found during review must be addressed by the curator.
  • If an Omeka online exhibition curator leaves Yale University Library, they must designate another person from the sponsoring department to continue reviews going forward.
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