U.S. Department of Education (TICFIA)

The Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access Program (TICFIA) is a Title VI grant program within the Department of Education. The program provides grants to project that "address national teaching and research needs in international education and foreign languages by using technologies to access, collect, organize, preserve, and widely disseminate information on world regions and countries other than the United States."

Arabic and Middle Eastern Electronic Library

Avicenna's Canon of Medicine

AMEEL holds approximately 350,000 pages of full text, indexed and searchable in the language of publication including Arabic and Western scripts. The full text in AMEEL was originally extracted using Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) rather than re-keying all works, resulting in accuracy rates of higher than 90%. The current version of AMEEL provides OCR data based on the images, and may be considerably less accurate.

What's in AMEEL?

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