Non-Yale Patron ID Generator

Service Owner 
Beatrice Richardson
YUL Service Domain 
Short Description: 
The Non-Yale Patron ID Generator is a web-based application that enables library staff to generate computer accounts for public workstations located in various library locations across campus.

The library maintains this tool to generate temporary computer accounts/IDs. The temporary IDs are used to allow walk-in users and the public to access library e-resources, print and do other tasks.  Passwords are set to automatically expire over night.

No visibility restrictions
Who is elegible to use this service offering? 
Yale Library Staff Only
How do I get it? 

Incidents regarding the legacy web hosting may be reported through the Report a Problem form on the Library IT website.  Library IT is not accepting requests for access to or addition of content on this legacy web server.

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The end-user portion of this service is entirely web-based and only requires the use of a modern, latest-version web browser.

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