Manuscript Collections

The collections held by Manuscripts and Archives document a wide array of subject areas and time periods. Many of these collections have a strong link to Yale, either to the institution itself; to faculty, students, alumni, and other members of the Yale community; or to areas in which Yale has had strong teaching and research interests.

We have extensive holdings in the areas of public policy and administration; diplomacy and international affairs; political and social thought and commentary; science, medicine, and the environment; legal and judicial history; the visual and performing arts; architecture and urban planning; environmental policy and affairs; psychology and psychiatry; and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender history and culture. In addition, we hold substantive documentation on New Haven, Connecticut, and New England history.

The changing nature of Yale's curricular interests and the range of contributions that Yale faculty and alumni make to the development of modern society and culture influence the areas in which we focus collecting activities. Through consultations with the Yale community, Manuscripts and Archives strives to maintain the vitality and relevance of its collection programs so that they can continue to serve the teaching and research needs of the university.

Our current collecting efforts are in the areas of environmental policy and activism, local LGBT history and culture, national and international LGBT activism, and contemporary architecture.

For questions concerning donating manuscript materials appropriate for our holdings, please contact

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