Instruction and Outreach

Contact for arranging class sessions: Bill Landis, Head of Public Services:

In addition to their principal use as source material for research projects, archival collections make excellent and engaging fodder for exercises designed to help students understand appropriate research methodologies and strategies. We welcome and encourage the use of archival collections in Manuscripts and Archives in teaching at Yale. We work collaboratively with faculty members, graduate teaching fellows, and department liaison librarians to craft class sessions that actively engage Yale students in finding, assessing, and using primary sources in their research. These sources might include, where relevant, library special collections materials, items from the library's general book stacks, databases licensed by the library, and content available on the open Web.

Due to limited space we no longer hold class sessions in our reading room. Classes engaging with Manuscripts and Archives collection materials are typically held in Bass Library L01, a great space that provides the following:

  • Flexible table and chair arrangement with capacity for up to 25 students.
  • Excellent wireless connectivity so your students can move seamlessly, if needed, between the original primary sources on the table in front of them and digital sources from other institutions available online.
  • A computer podium with projection and audiovisual capability.

In addition to working with students in class sessions, we can place materials on hold in our reading room for student use in course assignments. We also have a limited ability to digitize collection materials for use on your course's Classes*v2 site.

If you aren't sure who to talk to regarding a session you'd like to offer in conjunction with a course you are teaching, please don't hesitate to contact us! If we aren't the appropriate contact for your need within the Yale University Library, we'll put you in touch with someone who can help you.

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