East Asia Library

New resource: Chinese Cultural Revolution Database

October 13, 2014

Yale University Library has purchased the access to a new Chinese language resource: Chinese Cultural Revolution Database (中国文化大革命文库). The resource has been added to the Library’s Orbis online catalogFind a Database by Title, and Chinese Studies subject guide.

Chinese Cultural Revolution Database is a full-text searchable database containing comprehensive primary sources on Chinese Cultural Revolution, a turbulent decade (1966-1976) in the history of contemporary China. The sources collected in the database include Chinese Communist Party (CCP) documents, directives, speeches and works by Mao Zedong and other CCP officials of the period, official newspaper editorials, and selected Red-Guard documents. It comprises at least 10,000 documents in 35 million characters. Users can browse by subject categories and date. It is also searchable by author, keyword and organization.

The database is published by the University Services Centre for China Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the database. You are also welcome to schedule an individual session to learn more about the Chinese online resources.