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New Contents Added to Shanghai Library's CNBKSY Platform: Xiao Bao, Shi Bao, The China Press

Xiao Bao, Shi Bao, The China Press
May 7, 2018

Yale University Library has acquired three new databases from the Shanghai Library: 小报 1897-1949 (Xiao Bao/The Tabloids), 时报 1904-1939 (Shi Bao/The Eastern Times), and The China Press 1911-1949 (大陆报/Ta-lu Pao). The new contents have been added to CNBKSY (全国报刊索引 Quan guo bao kan suo yin) platform. The access to the platform allows 5 concurrent users. You can now find the new resources through Library’s Quicksearch and Chinese Studies research guide. Information of off-campus access to Yale subscribed electronic resources can be found through here.

  1. 小报 1897-1949 (Xiao Bao/The Tabloids): The four series of this database includes more than 400 titles of tabloids published between 1897 to 1949. CNBKSY would feature approximately 400,000 digital pages in total after the completion of the entire project in the end of 2018. Attached is a list of the titles included in the database.
  1. 时报 1904-1939 (Shi Bao/The Eastern Times) was one of the three most important Chinese language newspapers published in Shanghai. It emphasized commentaries on current affairs and carried many novels and sports news as well as pictorial reports during its later stages. CNBKSY has digitized over 141,000 pages of the newspaper and included its complete run.
  1. The China Press 1911-1949 (大陆报/Ta-lu Pao) was the earliest and most important American-style newspaper published in Shanghai. It was also the first known English language newspaper published in modern China by professional journalists instead of businessmen or missionaries. CNBKSY has digitalized over 190,000 pages of the newspaper and included its complete run.

Please feel free to contact Michael Meng, Librarian for Chinese Studies, if you have any questions about the new resources.

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