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TRIAL: Zhongguo jin shi ku 中國金石庫 and Zhongguo lei shu ku 中國類書庫

September 27, 2018

A trial for two Erudition (愛如生) Chinese language databases, Zhongguo jin shi ku《中國金石庫》 and Zhongguo lei shu ku《中國類書庫》, has been set up for Yale University users from now to October 26, 2018. The trial information has been added to the Library’s Chinese studies research guide: https://guides.library.yale.edu/China.

Zhongguo jin shi ku 《中國金石庫》 [Chinese Bronze and Stone Inscriptions Database] includes 1,700 titles from ancient time through modern period.

Zhongguo lei shu ku《中國類書庫》 [Chinese Ancient Encyclopedias Database] includes 300 titles from ancient time through modern period.

Please follow the steps listed below to get access to the databases:

  1. Access link: http://small.wenzibase.com (a different link from our regular access to already purchased Erudition databases)
  2. Click “Ancient Classics” and then “Login”
  3. Select either 《中國類書庫》初集 or 《中國金石庫》初集
  4. Click the blue “我已閲讀” to enter the main interface

The function of text downloading has been disabled during the trial period. Only ONE user would be allowed access each session. Please click “X” (退出) to sign out after each session. Since the access is controlled by Yale IP ranges, you have to login Yale VPN first to get access from off-campus locations.

Please contact Michael Meng, Librarian for Chinese Studies, if you have any questions about the trial. 

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