January 3, 2018
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December 18, 2017
In the coming new year, A new Team "Assessment and User Experience Research" .. see this to have the teams purpose, goals, services, ... information ...  The assessment program had success in bringing the principles and practices of assessment to Yale University Library. As the culture of...
December 18, 2017
Upcoming Courses, Spring 2018 Looking for classes to take this spring? Here are some exciting DH-related courses that will be offered!   If you are teaching a course connected to DH and would like it included, please email the DHLab.   Digital Humanities Apps CPSC 276 Benedict Brown   Introduction...
Vintage postcard of the Andover Newton Theological School at Yale
December 18, 2017
In 1807, Andover Theological Seminary began offering graduate coursework for students preparing for the Christian ministry. Founded by New England Congregationalists, the school was a harbinger for graduate education in the United States. Prior to Andover’s founding, American Protestant ministers...
Vintage poster of the New Haven Grays Band
December 18, 2017
The Gilmore Music Library’s special collections naturally contain an abundance of materials from Yale faculty, students, and alumni, and such items have appeared in many of our other exhibits. But in Musical Roots of the Elm City, we focus instead on local music and musicians with little or no...
The Art of Collaboration
December 15, 2017
An exhibition exploring the excitement and power of combining separate elements to make something new, beautiful, and lasting. Drawn from the Betsy Beinecke Shirley Collection of American Children’s Literature, the James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection of African American Literature, and the...
Langston Hughes wishing Merry Christmas
December 15, 2017
What’s a poet with a large circle of friends, rich in words if limited in financial resources, to do when checking the names off his holiday list? For Langston Hughes, during the holiday season of 1950, the answer was to share some of his wit in homemade Christmas postcards. In one, Hughes wrote:...