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  • Starting in August noise-related construction near the the Lecture Hall may be disruptive. Without a specific construction schedule we cannot predict when disruptions will occur throughout late summer and fall.  
  • Starting a meeting or event after 3:00 pm is advisable since construction work usually ends by 3:00pm. 
  • When this space is booked from August - March, it must be with the knowledge that disruption may occur against which the library cannot mitigate.
  • No requests will be considered from December 21, 2019 - January 31, 2020.
  • This schedule may be amended based on new information.  Updates will be posted here.

Lecture Hall setup

Standard seating set-up is full lecture style with 120 chairs (all chairs facing front with one aisle in the middle).

The Lecture Hall has a max seating capacity of approximately 120 seating (140 standing).

The Lecture Hall is both air conditioned and heated. 

Various configurations of chairs, tables, and/or standing arrangements may be requested at the time of booking for a custodial fee. In Addition, to the chairs usually in the room, Custodial Services can provide:

  • 10 (30" x 84") tables
  • 2 (30" x 96") tables
  • 8 61" round tables
  • 120 chairs

Memorabilia Room Setup

The Memorabilia Room standard setup is with 2 6ft tables already in the room and 6 soft seating chairs.  Up to four long tables (8ft or 7ft) may be set up in the room for displays or food. 

The Memorabilia Room can only be booked for small receptions for a max of 30 attendees.  There cannot be two separate events going on in the Lecture Hall and Memorabilia Room at the same time. 

The Memorabilia Room is both air conditioned and heated. 

Media Equipment
The Lecture Hall includes a large 16’ x 10’ projection screen, 2 84” LCD screens with wireless connectivity via Solstice, 6 speaker set up for proper audibility and two lecterns (one full media setup and one standalone with a microphone). Aspect ratio is 16:9.

The lectern with the full media setup is a standard Yale University Media services A/V system, which includes a podium with affixed microphone, wireless microphone, lapel microphone, network PC, several USB ports, inputs for HDMI, LCD projector and wall screen, and Blue Ray DVD player. The AV system also includes a Panopto lecture capture camera. 

Support for this equipment as well as reservations for other equipment needed are the responsibility of the requestor and is provided by University Media Services (203-432-2650).

If you wish to use Panopto to live stream or record a talk/presentation, Library Administrative Services will create the link and send it to the event requester to be distributed. It is the event requester's responsibility to secure appropriate permission to stream, record and/or redistribute the event recording with the Speaker's Permission Form (instructions for completing the Speakers's Permission Form are included on the second page).


Administration fee:
The Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall and Memorabilia Room are available for University and Academic events.  Depending on availability, the Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall is available to student groups for an administration fee of $150 (regardless of length).

This fee is before the addition of custodial and security services. Costs for those will be added if needed. 

Custodial fee:
A custodial charge of $60 for any setup other than the standard setup between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm.  Overtime charges of $90/hour/person will apply to setups after 5:00pm.

Security fee:
Events may be scheduled to begin or end at any point outside Library hours, but security staff must be present if this is the case.  Applicable Security overtime charges will apply. Fees for security coverage are charged at $72/hour/person for a minimum of 4 hours.  To see the hours for Sterling Memorial Library please click here.

Food Policy

Catering services are the responsibility of the requestor and should be arranged according to University catering policy. Please be advised (and alert your caterer) that there are no red liquids (fruit punch, red wine, spaghetti sauce, etc.) or open flames (sterno cans, candles, etc.) allowed in the Library at any time. Rentals are the responsibility of the requestor and must be delivered and removed in a timely manner coincident with the event.

Any clean-up necessary after a function is the responsibility of the requestor. Please arrange for clean up with your catering provider. All food and paper garbage must be removed at the end of the event and placed outside in the containers in the garbage area on the Wall Street side of the Library.

No vehicles are allowed to park on Rose Walk. 

Sterling Memorial Library Memorabilia Room