Do you know Artsy?

Winslow Homer, Autumn, 1877.
October 23, 2013

Artsy is an “online platform for discovering and collecting artwork.” Currently the site serves 50,000+ images by 11,000+ artists with a focus on contemporary art. In addition to the art market, Artsy strives to provide context to the artworks through essays, interviews with artists, curators, and scholars, and their Art Genome Project. The Art Genome Project is an attempt to connect art along commonalities in theme, art-historical movement, “formal qualities and more.” This can be a useful way to browse and discover new art. Artsy also covers current art events happening globally. This week the Featured Fair is Art Toronto.  Two weeks ago, it was Moving Image London. In both cases, Artsy offers highlights from exhibitors as well as editorial coverage. Across the entire site, if a work has been designated as being in the public domain or made available by the copyright holder, Artsy provides a link to download it.

Fig. 1. Winslow Homer, Autumn, 1877. Oil on canvas, 97.2cm x 58.9cm. National Gallery of Art.

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