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Please refer to Visiting ALSC for general information about ALSC hours, material requests, etc.

Reading Room Policy

  • Prior to their first visit to the ALSC Reading Room, each reader must register through the YUL Special Collections online registration system. For detailed information visit Yale University Library Special Collections Guide.
  • Each visitor must check in with staff at the ALSC reception area.
  • Readers must request material in advance. For details, please see Access to Materials. Requests by telephone are not accepted.
  • All coats and bags must be left outside the reading room. There are lockers and a coat closet near the front door for your convenience.
  • Notebooks, sketchbooks, laptops, or other note taking devices are permitted. The staff reserves the right to inspect personal papers at any time.
  • Only pencils may be used for note taking. Pencils are provided at the front desk if you do not have one.
  • Readers may pull any materials on open shelves in the reading room. We request that these items be used only on the reading table. Do not stand and read the materials. Do not reshelve any books, however briefly you consulted the item.

Please, see current Reading Room Hours and Procedures.

Classroom Policy

Classes must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance with a Special Collections staff member. Such classes are by appointment only and at the discretion of the staff pending classroom availability and staffing coverage. Every effort will be made to accommodate a preferred time and date, however availability is limited.

Materials requested by the professor to be used during class time must be submitted to the contact person for approval at least one week before the scheduled class. ALSC staff will pull approved selections so they are ready at the time of the class. ALSC staff strives to make materials available, but reserves the right to limit the use of fragile, in process, or other restricted materials. ALSC staff can provide consultation in the selection of materials with ample notice. The librarians at ALSC are eager to partner with you in developing instruction sessions using the rare and unique materials in our collections to further your teaching goals.

Reproduction Policy

When condition permits, scans of materials in the collections can be made by ALSC staff. In some cases, copyright restrictions apply. For detailed information on costs and size restrictions, consult the full policy.

If a faculty member requires digital images for teaching purposes, please contact ALSC staff. ALSC reserves the right to prohibit the reproduction of fragile or light-sensitive items.

Read the Full Reproduction Policy.

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