LC call numbers examples 4-6

EXAMPLE 4 (decimal expansion and conference date)
050 0 0 ‡a PN3433.2 b .S34 1993
110 2   ‡a Science Fiction Research Association. ‡b National Conference ‡d (1993 : ‡c Reno, Nevada)
245 1 0 ‡a Imaginative futures : ‡b proceedings of the 1993 Science Fiction Research Association Conference, June 17-19, 1993, Reno, Nevada / ‡c edited by Milton T. Wolf and Daryl F. Mallett.
260     ‡a San Bernardino, CA : ‡b Angel Enterprises : ‡b Distributed by the Borgo Press, ‡c c1994.
650   0 ‡a Science fiction ‡v Congresses.

Analysis of example 4:

PN   The double letters for the subclass, Literature
3433   The integral number for science fiction
.2   The decimal expansion for congresses
.S34   The cutter for the main entry, Science Fiction Research Association. National Conference ...
1993   The date of the conference <note that the date of the conference differs from the date of publication>

CAUTION. The last cutter's alphabetical letter will not always map to the main entry. Three common types follow.

EXAMPLE 5. (2nd cutter functions as "local" [more specific] geographic subarrangement)
050 0 0 ‡a NA4415.I732 ‡b D835 2000
100 1   ‡a Griffin, David J.
245 1 0 ‡a Leinster House, 1744-2000 : ‡b an architectural history / ‡c David J. Griffin & Caroline Pegum ; [edited by Elizabeth Mayes].
260     ‡a Dublin : ‡b Irish Architectural Archive in association with the Office of Public Works, ‡c 2000.
610 2 0 ‡a Leinster House (Dublin, Ireland) ‡x History.
650   0 ‡a Architecture, Georgian ‡z Ireland ‡z Dublin.
650   0 ‡a Mansions ‡x Remodeling for other use ‡z Ireland ‡z Dublin.
610 2 0 ‡a Ireland. ‡b Oireachtas. ‡b Dâail ‡x Buildings.
650   0 ‡a Dublin (Ireland) ‡x Buildings, structures, etc.

Analysis of example 5. Note that the "base number" cutters are both expanded without using a period.

NA   The double letters for the subclass, Architecture
4415   The integral number for capitol & parliament buildings for "Other countries A-Z"
.I732   The cutter for Ireland ("I73") subdivided locally ("2")
D835   The second cutter for the local subdivision, Dublin, with an additional digit ("5") to account for the main entry (Griffin)
2000   Publication date

EXAMPLE 6. Form cutter.

LC uses special tables to deal with common subarrangement patterns.The subarrangements are often form-driven. The LC biography table is a very common application.

050 0 0 ‡a BX4705.N5 ‡b A4 1961
100 1   ‡a Newman, John Henry, ‡d 1801-1890.
245 1 0 ‡a Letters and diaries /‡c edited, with notes and an introduction by Charles Stephen Dessain.
260     ‡a London ; ‡a New York : ‡b T. Nelson, ‡c [1961-<1999>
600 1 0 ‡a Newman, John Henry, ‡d 1801-1890 ‡v Correspondence.
600 1 0 ‡a Newman, John Henry, ‡d 1801-1890 ‡v Diaries.
610 2 0 ‡a Catholic Church ‡z England ‡x Clergy ‡v Correspondence.
610 2 0 ‡a Catholic Church ‡z England ‡x Clergy ‡v Diaries.

Analysis of example 6:

BX   The double letters for the subclass, Religion: Christian Denominations
4705   The integral number for Catholic Church--Individual biography
.N5   The cutter for Newman, John Henry
A4   LC biography table is applied for biography numbers for individuals in all classes unless otherwise instructed in the schedules; the table assigns A4 for collections of letters
1961   Publication date