LC call numbers examples 7-11


Book number is assigned within a number range. Used in literature classification.

050 0 0 ‡a PS3573.I45677 ‡b Z56 2002
245 0 0 ‡a August Wilson : ‡b a casebook / ‡c edited by Marilyn Elkins.
260     ‡a New York : ‡b Garland, ‡c 2002.
600 1 0 ‡a Wilson, August ‡x Criticism and interpretation.
650   0 ‡a Historical drama, American ‡x History and criticism.
650   0 ‡a African Americans in literature.

Analysis of example 7.

PS   The double letters for the subclass, American literature
3573   The integral number for Individual authors, 1961-2000, surnames beginning with "W"
.I45677   The cutter for Wilson, August <cutters to 2nd letter of the surname>
Z56   Second cutter to main entry is assigned within the number range Z4581-Z999 <biography and criticism; table P-PZ40>
2002   Publication date


Less commonly, a number other than a cutter number is used for subarrangement. Here "14th" refers to the number of the regiment. Note that the non-cutter number is separated by a space rather than a period from the classification number, and that the period precedes the first (and only) cutter number.

050 0 0 ‡a E499.5 14th ‡b .H57 1998
100 1   Dagger;a Hirst, Benjamin, ‡d 1828-1909.
245 1 4 ‡a The boys from Rockville : ‡b Civil War narratives of Sgt. Benjamin Hirst, Company D, 14th Connecticut Volunteers / ‡c edited, with commentary, by Robert L. Bee.
260     ‡a Knoxville [Tenn.] : ‡b University of Tennessee Press, ‡c c1998.
600 1 0 ‡a Hirst, Benjamin, ‡d 1828-1909 ‡v Correspondence.
610 1 0 ‡a United States. ‡b Army. ‡b Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 14th (1862-1865)


The other common substitute for a cutter number in LC call numbers is the date. Here "1545" refers to the initial date of the Council of Trent and is preceded by a space rather than a period.

050 0 0 ‡a BX830 1545 ‡b .T45 1997
245 0 2 ‡a I tempi del Concilio : ‡b religione, cultura e societáa nell'Europa tridentina / ‡c a cura di Cesare Mozzarelli e Danilo Zardin.
260     ‡a Roma : ‡b Bulzoni editore, ‡c 1997.
611 2 0 ‡a Council of Trent ‡d (1545-1563) ‡v Congresses.


Some law class numbers for legislative acts include the date of the act in the class number, in this case 1996. Note that there is no space before the date because the date is considered to be part of the class number. A7 is a form cutter for monographs. The date of publication (2001) is in the standard position.

050 0 0 ‡a KHC3834.51996 ‡b .A7 2001
110 1   ‡a Bolivia.
240 1 0 ‡a Ley del Servicio Nacional de Reforma Agraria
245 1 2 ‡a Ley no. 1715 : ‡b Ley del Servicio Nacional de Reforma Agraria : Reglamento D.S. no. 25763 de 5 de mayo del 2000 ... normas tâecnicas catastrales para el saneamiento de la propiedad agraria.
260     ‡a La Paz : ‡b Instituto Nacional de Reforma Agraria, ‡c 2001.
650   0 ‡a Land reform ‡x Law and legislation ‡z Bolivia.


A few class numbers do not use cutters; subarrangement is only by date. This pattern is often used with censuses:

050 0 0 ‡a HA851.5 ‡b 2000b
245 0 2 ‡a Censos nacionales : ‡b X de poblaciâon, VI de vivienda, 2000.
260     ‡a [Panama] : ‡b Repâublica de Panamâa, Contralorâia General de la Repâublica, Direcciâon de Estadâistica y Censo, ‡c [2001].
651   0 ‡a Panama ‡v Census, 2000.