Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee 

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This activity is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.


The Authority Control Advisory Committee (ACAC) will assist and advise the Chief Cataloging Librarian and the Authority Control Librarian in all matters pertaining to the maintenance of authority control in the Orbis catalog, including the implementation and management of vended approaches to our authority control needs. Members will:

  • review local policies and procedures pertaining to authority control;
  • recommend changes to those policies and procedures as necessary;
  • create supporting documentation for those policies and procedures;
  • keep current with national developments relating to authority control;
  • promote and monitor adherence to local and national authority control policies and procedures;
  • develop training sessions for staff on authority control topics
  • develop profiles for authority control processing by outside vendors; and
  • design and implement quality assurance (QA) procedures for monitoring vendor processing.
The Committee will report to the Cataloging Coordinating Council. Terms of appointment will be two years, with options for renewal. Terms will generally start on Aug. 1 and appointments will be staggered so that no more than half of the membership turns over each year. Representation from the following units is recommended: Integrated Systems and Programming Group (Integrated Library Technology Services); NACO Coordinating Committee; Arts & Sciences Team or History & Social Science Team (SML Catalog Department); and a school or departmental library. Additionally, the Committee should consult with the Acquisitions Department on issues that affect Fastcat processing.
Original charge dated: 14 Jan. 1999; last revision: 3 Jan. 2005.
Disbanded: 2008.


Manon Théroux  (1999-2007) (chair 2001-2007) 

Jerry Anne Dickel (2003-2007)

Ellen Ellickson  (1999-2008) 

Tachtorn Meier (2006-2008)

Jenn Nolte (2005-2007) 

Rick Sarcia  (2001-2007)

Michael Scott (2005-2007) 

Eileen Smith (2004-2008) 

Karen Spicher (2004-2008)

Steven Arakawa  (1999-2001) 

Paula Ball (1999-2000) 

Martha Conway (co-chair, 2000-2001) 

David Faulds  (2001)

Eric Friede (2002-2006)

Marsha Garman (2002-2005) 

Maria Hunenko (2002-2004)

Robert Killheffer  (1999-2001)

Xinkai Kong (2001-2002) 

Mickey Koth  (1999-2001) 

Beatrice Luh  (2001-2003) 

Cécile Mandour  (1999-2002) 

Rebecca Mugridge (chair, 1999-2000) 

Audrey Novak  (1999-2002)

Earl Roy  (2001-2005) 

Diana Smith (1999-2001)

Dajin Sun  (1999-2003) (co-chair 2000-2001)

Susan Tucker (2002-2005) 

Christina Tabereaux (2003-2004)

Daniel Vasilaky (2004)

Meeting Time

The committee generally meets on the third Tuesday of every month from 9-10:30 am in SML 411.