Official Card Catalog OCLC Skip List

OCLC will skip the following types of cards:

  • guide cards
  • cards for headings
  • cards for references
  • cards representing added entries (author and title)
  • RLIN-printed cards
  • temporary slips
  • cards for "in" analytics that do not provide (1) the title of the analytic (2) a description of the parent item and (3) an indication of the location of the analytic in the parent item
  • cards representing material in one of the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Yiddish.  However, OCLC will process cards with non-Roman alphabet characters representing materials in all other languages, including Greek and Russian. OCLC will update matching WorldCat records only; OCLC will flag for the attention of Yale staff cards for which a matching record is not found.
  • cards representing microforms in the following sets:
    • Early American Imprints (Microprint 7) 
      Early English Books (Film S2663 Film S618) 
      Early English Newspapers (Film S1460) 
      Furniture Library Collection (Film B1332) 
      History of Photography (Film B3817) 
      Russian History and Culture (Fiche S459) 
      Sahel (Fiche B1116) 
      Spanish Drama (Film B3922) 
      German Baroque Literature (Film B974) 
      Western Americana (Film B2553) 
      Wright American Fiction (Film B765 Film B838 Film B855)
  • cards representing Yale dissertations (including microform copies)
  • cards representing material in the following collections or locations:

Alcohol Studies 
stamped Alcohol Studies

Art & Architecture 
stamped Art, Art Library, School of Art

(1) Old Yale classification Cb4 90, Cc5 5, Mhc8, Mhm69, NZ, Uai, X346, Yna31, Z (except Zn ZNJ) 
(2) stamped Aldis Collection, Altschul Collection, American Tracts, Americana, Arlen Collection, Asch Collection, Auction Catalogues, Barrie MSS, Baskerville Collection, Beinecke, Beinecke Library, Betts Collection, Brace Variety, British Tracts, Broadsides, Bullen Collection, Cary Collection, Cat Books, Coe Collection, College Pamphlets, Conrad Collection, Cooper James Fenimore, Coppard Collection, Corvo Collection, George Cruikshank Collection, Defoe Collection, Jean Andre Deluc Geology Collection, Depew Collection, Dexter Collection on Congregationalism, Dickens Collection, Dime Novel Collection, Alfred Douglas Collection, Drinkwater Collection, Elizabethan Club Library, European Tracts, Fielding Collection, Folio Pamphlet, Garvan Collection on Ireland, Goethe Collection, Goodrich Collection, Thomas Hardy Collection, Heinrich Heine Collection, Hogg Collection, Hope Collection, Horse Collection, Incunabula, India Tracts, Indiana Authors, Joseph Norton Ireland Collection, James Weldon Johnson Collection, JWJ, James Joyce Collection, Juvenal Collection, Kingsley Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Kingsley Miscellaneous Sermons, Kingsley Pamphlets, Kingsley Theological Miscellany, Kipling Collection, Library of Americana, Linton Collection, Machen Collection, Meredith Collection, Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Miscellaneous Poems, MS Vault Shelves, Norton Collection, Osborn Files, Penniman Collection (Z class call number), Pequot Collection, Playing Card Collection, Plays, Poems, Porter Miscellany, Anna Powell Memorial Collection of Cat Books, Rackham Collection, Rare Book Room, Ruskin Collection, Scientific Miscellany, 1742 Library, George Bernard Shaw Collection, Shorthand Collection, Silliman Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Silliman Scientific Miscellany, Slavery Pamphlets, Slocum Collection, Societe Anonyme, Somerset Maugham Collection, Speck Collection, Robert Louis Stevenson Collection, Streeter Collection, Symons Collection, Theater Guild Collection, Hugh Thompson Collection, Tibetan Collection, Tinker Collection, Tomlinson Collection, Tracts, Trade Catalogs (Uai call number), Turkish Tracts, U S Civil War pamphlets, U S Political pamphlets, Carl Van Vechten Collection, Wagner Collection of Economic Pamphlets, Western Americana, Western Americana Broadsides, Weyman, Y.A.J. Collection, YCAL

British Art 
stamped British Art, British Art Reference, Mellon Reference

stamped Chemistry Library, Kent Library, Sterling Chemistry Laboratory

Child Study Center 
stamped Child Study Center 

College Libraries 
(1) marked CL (for College Libraries) 
(2) marked bk, br, cc, dc, es, je, mc, pc, sm, sy, tc, td 
(3) stamped Berkeley, Branford, Calhoun, Davenport, Ezra Stiles, Jonathan Edwards, Morse, Peirson, Silliman, Saybrook, Trumbull, Timothy Dwight 
(4) stamped Berkeley College Palmer-Schreiber Collection

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station 
stamped Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Cowles Foundation 
stamped Cowles Foundation Library

Cross Campus 
stamped Cross Campus Library, German Reading Room, Mountaineering, Reserve Book Room

stamped Day Missions Library, Divinity Library, Divinity School Library, Trowbridge Reference Library; "digit numbers" e.g. 0000042

Documents Room 
stamped Documents Room 

stamped Drama Library

Dwight Hall Library 
stamped Dwight Hall Library

Episcopal Library 
stamped Episcopal Library

Gesell Clinic 
stamped Clinic Child Development, Gesell Clinic

Hillel Foundation 
stamped Hillel Foundation 

Historical Sound Recordings 
stamped American Musical Theater, Historical Sound Recordings

Human Relations Area Files 
stamped Human Relations Area Files 

In Process 
stamped In process 

Kirtland Hall 
stamped Kirtland Hall 

Latin Americana 
stamped Pamphlets, Bolivia; Pamphlets, Chile; Pamphlets, Columbia; Pamphlets, Mexico; Pamphlets, Peru; Pamphlets, Venezuela

stamped Canada [46], ClosetS T,Forms [C44], Law Library, School of Law, Treatises Stack Room, Wheeler Treatises, 

Lewis Walpole 
stamped Lewis Walpole, Lewis Walpole Collection, Lewis Walpole Library

Manuscripts and Archives 
cards representing archival material only stamped Mss. and Archives

stamped Dept. of Pediat.,Dept. of Bacteriology, Dept. of Immunol., Dept. of Pathology, Dept. of Pharmacology, Dept. of Psychiatry & Mental Hygiene, Department of Psychology,  Epidemiology and Public Health Library, Harvey Cushing Collection, Historical Library (Yale Medical School), Medical Library, Medical Library (Historical), Psychological Laboratory, School of Medicine Library, School of Nursing, Sect. Neuro-Anat., S.H.M Club Room, Sterling Hall of Medicine, Yale Labs Primate Biology, 

stamped Lowell Mason Collection, Lowell Mason Library, Music Library, School of Music

More House Library 
stamped More House Library

New Haven Free Public Library 
stamped N. H. Free Pub. Lib. 

SML Arts of the Book 
stamped Arts of the Book Room, Bookplate Collection, Carl P. Rollins Collection, Collection of the Arts of the Book Room, Graphic Arts Collection, Rollins Collection

SML Bibliography 
stamped Bibliography Room, Index Collection 

SML Catalog Department 
stamped Catalogue Department

SML Reference 
stamped Cat. Reference Desk, Reading Room, Reference 

SML Subject Bibliography 
stamped Subject Bibliography