Primary Media Items

NEW PROCEDURE NOV 2004. Use the following procedure for videos, sound recordings, and other media items when the media item is the primary bibliographic unit ("stand alone" rather than accompanying material) and the assigned location is SML stacks or Bass. Media items will travel through processing and be shelved in a special security case.

  • Enter the format term as the last element of the call number before "(LC)" [if the call number does not take "(LC)," the format term will be the last element]
  • Use the appropriate format term from the Categories column in Statistical Categories table; observe the usage for each category & do not make up new terms
  • Catalog primary non-print materials for the assigned location
  • Follow special instructions for item records below.
  • After cataloging, charge items to the Preparations truck
  • Do not follow this procedure for microform. See note below under Microform.


852 0 0 ‡b cclaudio ‡h PR1583 ‡i F58 2006 CD <for a sound recording>
852 0 1 ‡b sml ‡h TL558 U6 ‡i N68 CD (LC) <serial issued as a CD-ROM>
852 0 0 ‡b sml ‡h T385 ‡i .S53 2008 DVD (LC) <for a DVD-ROM>
852 0 0 ‡b sml ‡h NA2542.35 ‡i T123 2007 DVD (LC) <for a DVD video>
852 0 0 ‡b sml ‡h PS3525 I43 ‡i D4 1965 TAPE<for an audiocassette>
852 0 0 ‡b sml ‡h PN1992.77 ‡i V54 2003 VHS <for a videocassette>
852 0 1 ‡b sml ‡h HN581 ‡i .B37 DISKETTE (LC) <serial issued as 3 1/2 in. computer disk>