Replace & Keep in Voyager

Basic Condition

You have a brief bibliographic record (e.g., a minimal-level record or lower, a circulation record, an in-process record, a poor recon record), and you need to update the brief record to full level. In some cases you may want to use a copy of a full record from Orbis as your cataloging source without rekeying all the fields. If the item is new to Orbis, there may be no exact match cataloging copy available from OCLC & a search in Orbis retrieves a fully cataloged record for another edition. In Catalog Management, there may be duplicate bibliographic records in Orbis, one full and one brief; the brief record has to be retained because it is associated with an order record.

Object: REPLACE the brief record with a copy of the cataloged record, but KEEP the fully cataloged record for the first edition. The replaced record will then be edited to match the item in hand.

Caution: If the procedure is mishandled, you can enter a duplicate bibliographic record into Orbis in error. If this occurs, the duplicate record must be deleted by authorized staff.

Assumption: You are familiar with use of a matching field to overlay records exported from OCLC, including copying and pasting of the matching field, tiling records, activating a tiled record, and saving an updated record to Orbis. For step-by-step guidance see links at RELATED DOCUMENTS.

Terminology. The record to be replaced will be referred to as the target record.  A match point is a variable field (035, 020, 010) defined by the system profile to cause a Voyager Dedupe window prompt when the user attempts to save a record to the database and data in the field matches the data in a field with the same tag in another bibliographic record already in the database. Although originally set up by Endeavor to prevent unintended loading of duplicate records, the Dedupe window prompt is frequently used in cataloging to identify and replace an existing Orbis record with cataloging from another source. If a match point is not detected when the cataloger follows the replace procedure, Orbis will load a duplicate record into the database.

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