Scenario 1

Target record with an ISBN or other control number

1. Close all windows (to avoid confusion)

2. Retrieve the fully cataloged record.  

3. From Record menu, click on Make a Copy.

4. IMPORTANT. Close the source bib record window but leave the copy record window open
(The copy record window will have as its title bar: [New Bib Record: Copy])

5. Retrieve the target record. (Recommended: Orbis number search) 

6. From the Window menu, select and click Tile.

7. Delete the original ISBN, LCCN, and ALL 035s in the copy record if there.

From the target record, select and copy an ISBN, LCCN, or 035 ‡a field and paste it into the copy record. IMPORTANT: the old system number 035 ‡9 field is NOT a dedupe match point; using 035 ‡9 as a match point will create a duplicate record.

EXAMPLE. Copy record should have its number fields deleted and the ISBN of the target record copied & pasted into it as a new 020 field.  

8. With the copy record window activated,

  • click on the Sailboat icon on the Voyager Toolbar
  • if necessary, re-edit the record if the MARC validation window opens, and click on the Sailboat icon again
  • click on the Authority Validation Continue button; the Dedupe window will open with the target record listed:

  • click on the Replace/Merge button in the Dedupe window, then click OK.

The copy record window will disappear and the target record will be replaced with the new record. Edit this record (immediately) to match the item in hand (e.g. modify the 040, edition statement, fixed field date, etc.) and click on the Sailboat to save changes.