Scenario 3

Target record without any control numbers; original record has no control number

Reminder: if the only control number is a 035 ‡9 [i.e. no LCCN, no ISBN, no 035 ‡a], the Dedupe match will not work, and this procedure must be used instead for the Replace and Keep to be successful.

1-6. Same as in Scenario 1. The source record window (the record used to make the copy) should now be closed. The copy window and the target window should now be the only records open; the windows should be tiled.

7.  With the target record window and the copy record window tiled, activate the target record and enter a 035 ‡a with the target record's Orbis bib number.

Using the bib id number of the target record as the temporary match point should minimize duplicate 035s if staff neglect to follow step 13.

TARGET RECORD. (ACTION: CREATE A 035 WITH ‡a <Target Record bib id number>)

8. Click on the Sailboat icon on the Voyager Toolbar to save the updated target record. IMPORTANT: Always save the target record before saving the copy record. If the copy record is saved first, a new record will be created in Orbis.

9. After the updated target record has been saved with the target Orbis bib number 035 ‡a, copy that same field and paste it into the copy record window. (IMPORTANT: 035 ‡a <target record Orbis number> should NOT be copied into the original (source) bib record)

COPY RECORD. (ACTION:CREATE A 035 WITH ‡a <Target Record bib id number>)

10. Edit the copy record window to match the item in hand if necessary, and click on the Sailboat. 

11. Once the record has passed MARC validation, click on the Authority Validation Continue button. The Dedupe box should appear with only the target record selected (check the bib number against the tile window in the background).

12. Click on the Replace/Merge button, then click OK. The import window will disappear and the record in the target window will be replaced by the import record.

13. DELETE THE TEMPORARY 035 FIELD.  If necessary, further edit the replaced record to match the item in hand. Click on the Sailboat to save changes.