1. Facsimile/Print Reproductions

Updated August 2016

Facsimile: "A reproduction simulating the physical appearance of the original in addition to reproducing its content exactly."--RDA Glossary.

What if the physical appearance is not the same but the content is reproduced exactly? These are simply referred to as reproductions. A book published in 1910 by publisher A and republished in 2014 by publisher B is a reproduction. 

A reproduction by the same publisher would not require a new record for the reproduction. If the content has been revised, it is not a reproduction, but a new edition, and a new record would be made.

RDA 1.11. Facsimiles and Reproductions.  "When describing a facsimile or reproduction, record the data relating to the facsimile or reproduction in the appropriate element. Record any data relating to the original manifestation as an element of a related work or related manifestation, as applicable." In practice, this means use MARC 775 not 533.

RDA 3.1.3. Facsimiles and Reproductions. "When describing a facsimile or reproduction, record the elements describing the carrier of the facsimile or reproduction."

Fixed Fields: Apply to the resource in hand. For Type of Date use "r" with Date 1 as the date of publication of the reproduction and Date 2 as the date of publication or production of the original. 

Variable Fields

  1. All descriptive elements should be RDA compliant & follow LC-PCC PSs unless we deviate locally.
  2. All access points should be RDA compliant.
  3. Relationship designators should be made for all creators; adding additional relationship designators is strongly encouraged (from more information, see the PCC Training Manual for Applying Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records).
  4. If all of the access points are backed up by authority records in NAF, code for pcc.
  5. Choice of entry may differ from cataloging of the original since the rule of three no longer applies; if you have four collaborating authors, you would enter under the first named rather than the title and transcribe all four in the statement of responsibility.
  6. Under current RDA guidelines, if entry is under title and the title proper conflicts with the title proper of either a serial or monograph, a preferred title plus qualifier (130) should be made to break the conflict.
  7. If the reprint is issued under a different title, a 240 or 130 should be made for the original title.

775 Linking Field

To indicate the relationship to the original publication, use a 775 note (i.e., same carrier as the original). Do not make a 534 note. 

  1. It is not necessary to record the citation using RDA conventions
  2. Cut and paste information found on the record for the original resource
  3. Punctuation: add a period at the end of ‡a (when it does not already end with punctuation), ‡s, ‡t when followed by ‡b; do not add a period at the end of any other subfield; no comma preceding ‡x 
  4. Do no use subfield indicators to separate the elements in ‡a, ‡t, ‡d, ‡h, etc.

775 indicators and subfields:

First indicator 0=Display note
Second indicator 8=No display constant generated
‡i Note field. Use: Reproduction of (manifestation): or other appropriate relationship designator listed in Appendix J.4.2
‡a Main entry. 
‡s Uniform title.
‡t Title proper only (remove initial article; do no add subtitle or statement of responsibility).
‡b Edition statement
‡d Publication statement
‡h Physical description
‡k Original series statement
‡n If the original record used 050 00, enter the all number of original  If the original record did not have 050 00, do not create a ‡n subfield.
‡w Linking ID number. Enter the OCLC ID number only if readily available (e.g., you downloaded the OCLC record for the original and modified it to match the reproduction). Use the same form as in 035: (OCoLC)123456789


775 0 8 ‡i Reproduction of (manifestation): ‡a Chanteau, Francis, 1848-1882‡t Notice historique et archeologique sur le chateau de Montbras (Meuse). ‡b Nouv. éd.  ‡d Paris : Alphonse Lemerre, 1885 ‡h 175 pages, plates : folded illustrations ; 23 cm. ‡w (OCoLC) 78617818

LC-PCC PS "If the reproduction is a facsimile of a manuscript and attributes of the original for use in a MARC 775/776 linking field are not readily ascertainable, give a bibliographic history note with the information you have."

Call Number

Use LC classification. Always use an LCC call number with the date of the reprint even when our original copy does not use an LCC call number. Do not add "A" to the date.