Reproduction Cataloging (Tangible Print Resources)

Updated August 2016

Reproduction:  "An exact copy of the content of a resource made by mechanical or electronic means." [RDA Glossary]

"The word “reproduction” is being used in its broadest sense to include all resources formerly identified as reproductions, republications, reprints, reissues, facsimiles, etc., that still represent equivalent content between an original resource and a reproduction of that original. Revised editions represent different expressions and are not treated as reproductions." [LC-PCC PS for 27.1]

Here are collected instructions for cataloging tangible print resources: facsimile reprints (monograph and serial), photocopies, and microform. The instructions are based on RDA and, the LC-PCC PSs for 1.1127.1, and 28.1. Guidelines for cataloging remote access reproductions (online resources) are covered by the PCC's Provider-Neutral (PN) instructions. PN instructions do not apply to direct access electronic resources. Detailed instructions for direct access electronic resources are not given, but would follow the same principles applied to tangible print resources.

Under RDA, cataloging tangible resources as reproductions introduces linking fields 775/776. We will not make reciprocal linking fields in the records for the original resource if these exist in Orbis (or in LC or OCLC), whether the reproduction is a facsimile, reprint, or microfilm.


Staff new to RDA cataloging may find the checklist for Minimal Level Cataloging to be helpful.

Microform Reproductions